2017-06-16 Uwe HermannDrop support for PD API version 2.
2017-06-16 Uwe HermannMark all stacked decoders as being PD API version 3.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermannir_rc5: Convert to PD API version 3.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermanndsi: Convert to PD API version 3.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermanndsi: Cosmetics, drop obsolete comments.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermannrgb_led_ws281x: Convert to PD API version 3.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermannlpc: Convert to PD API version 3.
2017-06-16 Gerhard Sittigwiegand: Convert to PD API version 3.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermannusb_signalling: Convert to PD API version 3.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermanndali: Change 'self.dali' to 'dali'.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermanndali: Convert to PD API version 3.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermanndali: Random cleanups, remove obsolete comments.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermanninstance.c: Drop a few unneeded checks.
2017-06-16 Uwe Hermannspi: Simplify some code chunks.
2017-06-15 Uwe Hermanndmx512: Use a nicer 'dmx' pin name variable.
2017-06-15 Uwe Hermanndmx512: Convert to PD API version 3.
2017-06-15 Uwe Hermannpwm: Reduce indentation level.
2017-06-15 Uwe Hermannpwm: Simplify waiting for initial edge.
2017-06-15 Uwe Hermannsession.c: Fix a compiler warning on Mac OS X.
2017-06-15 Uwe Bump package version to 0.6.0. libsigrokdecode-unreleased
2017-06-12 Uwe HermannBump libtool version (not package version) to 4:0:0.
2017-06-12 Uwe HermannNEWS: Add list of user-visible changes so far.
2017-06-12 Uwe HermannVarious Doxygen fixes.
2017-06-06 Gerhard Sittigspi: Missing samplerate spec is not fatal
2017-06-06 Gerhard Sittigspi: Improve use of PD API version 3
2017-06-06 Gerhard Sittiggpib: Convert to PD API version 3
2017-06-06 Gerhard Sittigpwm: Convert to PD API version 3
2017-06-06 Gerhard Sittigspi: Convert to PD API version 3
2017-06-06 Uwe HermannHACKING: Update URL to Linux kernel coding style.
2017-06-06 Uwe HermannRename eeprom93cxx decoder to eeprom93xx.
2017-06-06 Uwe Hermanneeprom24xx: Don't make executable.
2017-06-06 Uwe HermannDrop trailing whitespace in various PDs.
2017-06-05 Uwe HermannAdd srd_inst_initial_pins_set_all() and support code.
2017-06-05 Uwe HermannRename maxim_ds28ea00 to ds28ea00.
2017-05-31 Uwe Hermannstruct srd_decoder: Add list of input/output decoder...
2017-05-26 Uwe HermannShow lib versions in the debug output.
2017-05-26 Gerhard Sittigcan: Skip stuff bit inspection where not applicable
2017-05-26 Gerhard Sittigcan: Convert to PD API version 3
2017-05-26 Uwe Hermanncan: Add warnings for various invalid bits and fields.
2017-05-13 Wolfram Sangsdcard_sd: reference latest command when displaying...
2017-05-13 Wolfram Sangsdcard_sd: output CMD8 in cmd8-handler
2017-05-13 Uwe Hermanntiming: Drop obsolete self.oldpin variable.
2017-05-13 Karl Palssontiming: "normalize" negative times too
2017-05-13 Karl Palssontiming: add edge-edge mode and delta calculation
2017-05-13 Karl Palssontiming: disable averaging if set to zero
2017-05-11 Uwe HermannRename ade7758 decoder to ade77xx.
2017-05-11 Uwe Hermannade7758: Slightly shorten some code chunks.
2017-05-11 Karl PalssonAdd an ADE7758 protocol decoder.
2017-05-06 Wolfram Sangsdcard_sd: remove unused functions
2017-05-06 Uwe Hermanneeprom93cxx: Improve longname.
2017-05-06 Uwe Hermannmicrowire/eeprom93cxx: Use 'es' instead of 'se' abbreva...
2017-05-06 Uwe Hermanneeprom93cxx: Update wrt Python output namedtuple usage.
2017-05-06 Uwe Hermanneeprom93cxx: Shorten put_word() a bit.
2017-05-06 Kevin RedonAdd a 93Cxx Microwire EEPROM protocol decoder.
2017-05-05 Uwe Hermannmicrowire: Use namedtuple in some more cases.
2017-05-05 Uwe Hermannmicrowire: Use namedtuple for the Python output.
2017-05-05 Uwe Hermannmicrowire: Drop some trailing whitespace.
2017-05-05 Uwe Hermannmicrowire: Shorten decode() a bit.
2017-05-05 Uwe Hermannmicrowire: Make Ready/Busy extra annotation classes.
2017-05-05 Uwe Hermannmicrowire: Make the start bit an extra annotation class.
2017-05-05 Kevin RedonAdd a Microwire protocol decoder.
2017-05-02 Wolfram Sangsdcard_sd: really show result of SET_BLOCKLEN
2017-05-02 Wolfram Sangsdcard_sd: always show CMD argument in hex
2017-05-02 Wolfram Sangsdcard_sd: don't interate over not implemented command
2017-04-07 Uwe Hermannonewire_link: (Re-)convert to PD API version 3.
2017-04-07 Uwe Hermannonewire_link: Factor out some helper methods.
2017-04-07 King KévinImplement new 1-Wire link decoder using time ranges
2017-03-31 Marcus Comstedtiec: Convert to PD API version 3
2017-03-31 Uwe HermannDon't show a harmless/confusing warning on stdout.
2017-03-28 fenugreceeprom24xx: add Xicor X24C02 variant
2017-03-18 Uwe Hermanndali: Use a slightly better variable name.
2017-03-18 Uwe Hermanndsi: Use a slightly better variable name.
2017-03-18 Uwe Hermanndsi: Small fix for the longname.
2017-03-15 Jeremy SwansonAdd a DALI protocol decoder.
2017-03-15 Jeremy SwansonAdd a DSI protocol decoder.
2017-03-15 Uwe Hermannuart: Minor cosmetic changes.
2017-03-14 Gerhard Sittiguart: Use consistent order of steps when processing...
2017-03-14 Gerhard Sittiguart: Remove redundant "reached bit" checks
2017-03-14 Gerhard Sittiguart: Improve robustness of query API result processing
2017-03-14 Gerhard Sittiguart: Reduce redundancy in sample inspection (state...
2017-03-14 Gerhard Sittiguart: Convert to PD API version 3
2017-03-14 Gerhard Sittiguart: Minor readability nit (position of start bit...
2017-03-14 Gerhard Sittiguart: Immediately skip reception of parity bits when...
2017-03-14 Gerhard Sittiguart: Remove an obsolete unused routine
2017-03-12 Gerhard Sittigdecoder: terminate .wait() and .decode(), join threads...
2017-03-05 Uwe Hermannconfigure summary: Show linker flags.
2017-03-05 Uwe Hermannconfigure summary: Show whether shared/static build...
2017-03-04 Uwe Hermannrgb_led_ws281x: Use self.samplenum.
2017-03-03 Uwe HermannDrop obsolete workarounds in PDs.
2017-02-28 Uwe Hermannsrd_decoder_load(): Drop dead code.
2017-02-28 Marcus ComstedtFix memory leak in get_current_pinvalues()
2017-02-28 Marcus ComstedtMore refcounting fixes
2017-02-27 Uwe Hermanninstance.c: Add a debug message for thread creation.
2017-02-26 Uwe Hermannsrd_inst_decode(): Slightly more verbose error message.
2017-02-26 Marcus ComstedtFix examples to show abs_end_samplenum as exclusive
2017-02-26 Marcus ComstedtReturn SRD_ERR_ARG from srd_inst_decode if samplenums...
2017-02-26 Marcus ComstedtFix refcounting bug in set_new_condition_list()
2017-02-26 Gerhard Sittiginstance.c: fix a 'matched' vs 'matches' typo
2017-02-25 Marcus ComstedtAdd an initial serial GPIB (IEC) decoder.
2017-02-21 Uwe HermannClarify that {start,end,cur}_samplenum are absolute...