descriptionProtocol decoder lib
last changeTue, 3 Dec 2019 20:53:05 +0000 (21:53 +0100)
42 hours ago Uwe Hermannir_rc6: Reduce nesting level. master
42 hours ago BenediktOir_rc6: Initial commit
3 days ago BenediktOir_rc5: improved performance
5 days ago Uwe Hermannflexray: Use bit/s instead of Mbit/s for bitrate.
5 days ago Stephan Thieleflexray: add basic decoder
5 days ago Stephan Thielenes_gamepad: implement and add decoder
5 days ago Uwe Hermannuart: Drop question mark from two option names.
5 days ago Uwe Hermannuart: Shorten various decoder option names.
5 days ago Gerhard Sittiguart: rephrase check for required input signals, reword...
5 days ago Gerhard Sittiguart: support 'ignore' parity type, remove unsupported...
5 days ago Uwe HermannRemove left-over FSF postal address from boiler plate...
5 days ago Uwe Hermanndecoders: Use a slightly more consistent/logical annota...
5 days ago Philipp Marekir_nec: fix #1243, multiple capture frames.
5 days ago Philipp Marekws281x: Check for "None" before subtracting.
5 days ago Gerhard Sittigcan: more robust sample point position for low sample...
5 days ago Stephan Thielecan: implement bit rate switch support for CAN-FD frames
14 months ago libsigrokdecode-0.5.2 libsigrokdecode 0.5.2 release
14 months ago libsigrokdecode-unreleased libsigrokdecode unreleased developm...
19 months ago libsigrokdecode-0.5.1 libsigrokdecode 0.5.1 release
2 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.5.0 libsigrokdecode 0.5.0 release
2 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.4.1 libsigrokdecode 0.4.1 release
3 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.4.0 libsigrokdecode-0.4.0 release
4 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.3.1 libsigrokdecode 0.3.1 release
5 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.3.0 libsigrokdecode 0.3.0 release
6 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.2.0 libsigrokdecode 0.2.0 release
6 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.1.1 libsigrokdecode 0.1.1 release
7 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.1.0 libsigrokdecode 0.1.0 release
42 hours ago master
14 months ago libsigrokdecode-0.5.x
2 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.4.x
4 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.3.x