descriptionProtocol decoder lib
last changeSun, 6 Oct 2019 21:38:45 +0000 (23:38 +0200)
2019-10-06 Uwe Hermanncan: Factor out dlc2len(). master
2019-10-06 Uwe Hermanncan: Random whitespace and cosmetic fixes.
2019-10-06 Stephan Thielecan: introduce fast bitrate
2019-10-06 stephan.thielecan: proper annotation on CAN-FD extended frames
2019-10-06 stephan.thielecan: add basic CAN-FD handling of non BRS extended...
2019-10-06 Stephan Thielecan: make PD temporary compatible to existing tests
2019-10-06 Stephan Thielecan: correct decoding of CRC-21
2019-09-13 Stephan Thielecan: decode CAN-FD DLC
2019-09-13 Stephan Thielecan: display CRC type + correct decoding of CRC-17
2019-09-13 Stephan Thielecan: implement decoding of CAN-FD header when FDF bit...
2019-09-13 Stephan Thielecan: implement basic CAN-FD decoding (SRR and FDF bits)
2019-08-29 Sylvain Pelissiereeprom93xx: Add ascii format support
2019-08-23 Uwe Hermannmrf24j40: Add TX retries/fails and CCAFAIL support.
2019-08-06 Uwe Hermannmrf24j40: Add RX/TX frame annotations.
2019-07-06 Uwe Hermannpca9571: Shorten names a bit.
2019-07-05 Mickael BoschAdd an NXP PCA9571 decoder.
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