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Project Description Owner Last Change
fx2grok.git Tiny Open-Hardware FX2 LA root 20 months ago
libserialport.git Serial port access library root 11 days ago
libsigrok.git Hardware access and backend lib root 11 days ago
libsigrokdecode.git Protocol decoder lib root 4 days ago
libsigrokflow.git Flow graph lib root 11 months ago
pulseview.git Qt based LA/scope/MSO GUI root 4 days ago
sigrok-androidutils.git Android utilities for sigrok root 2 years ago
sigrok-cli.git Command line UI root 2 months ago
sigrok-dumps.git Example signal/protocol dumps root 4 days ago
sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw.git Firmware for FX2 logic analyzers root 2 months ago
sigrok-firmware.git Firmware for some hardware root 23 months ago
sigrok-meter.git Python DMM/datalogger GUI root 3 years ago
sigrok-test.git PD and in/out module tests root 4 days ago
sigrok-util.git Various sigrok related utilities root 3 months ago