2022-10-03 Gerhard Sittigparallel: recent PD implementation flushes last samples... master
2022-04-23 Gerhard Sittigpdtest: add support for input format specs in test...
2022-04-23 Gerhard Sittigruntc: add support for input file formats other than...
2022-04-23 Gerhard Sittigruntc: cope with "late" samplerate announcement
2022-04-23 Gerhard Sittigruntc: avoid the 'class' identifier in C language appli...
2022-02-21 Gerhard check for python3-embed
2021-12-26 Gerhard Sittigruntc: optionally send EOF to decoder session
2021-12-26 Gerhard Sittigconfigure: check libsigrokdecode version dependent...
2021-12-26 Gerhard Sittigir_irmp: introduce IRMP test cases, cover NEC/RC5/RC6...
2021-06-16 Gerhard Sittigdoc: update IRC reference to Libera.Chat
2021-01-13 Ben Gardinerseven_segment: expand the alphabet and show unknown...
2020-11-12 Gerhard Sittigparallel: add missing data file with expected output...
2020-11-11 Gerhard Sittigpdtest: use less expensive Python routine to get text...
2020-11-11 Gerhard Sittigparallel: also expect bits count in addition to data...
2020-11-11 Gerhard Sittigparallel: add test case for parallel PD on SQI traffic
2020-11-11 Gerhard Sittigparallel: expect demuxed words only after their items...
2020-08-18 Gerhard Sittigir_nec: catch up with STOP bit width adjustment
2020-08-16 Gerhard Sittigavr_isp: catch up with support for EEPROM read
2020-08-16 Gerhard Sittigavr_isp: catch up with warning class for "unknown comma...
2020-08-12 Gerhard Sittigsdq: introduce SDQ decoder test (bits, bytes, break)
2020-08-08 gregor-anich... st7735: Extend test to also cover unknown commands
2020-07-26 Gerhard Sittigcan: add Python output to std and ext brs test cases
2020-07-26 Gerhard Sittigir_nec: add tests for extended NEC protocol (failed...
2020-07-22 Gerhard Sittigsirc: introduce test for Sony IR (SIRC)
2020-07-20 Uwe Hermannspdif: Add/update test-cases after decoder changes.
2020-07-18 Soeren Apelrgb_led_ws281x: Add RGBW testcase
2020-07-18 StefanTest for WS281x RGBW
2020-07-18 Gerhard Sittigcaliper: introduce tests (pos/neg, mm/inch, change)
2020-07-02 Gerhard Sittigpjon: catch up with "communication relation" annotations
2020-06-24 Gerhard Sittigpjon: add tests for PJON frames over PJDL link layer
2020-06-02 Uwe Hermannnrf905: Update after file move.
2020-05-26 Jorge SollaAdd test for Nordic Semiconductor nRF905 protocol decoder
2020-04-11 Uwe Hermannad5626: Add a test-case.
2020-04-11 Uwe Hermannad79x0: Add a test-case.
2020-04-11 Uwe Hermannltc242x: Add a test-case.
2020-04-11 Uwe Hermannltc26x7: Add some test-cases.
2020-04-11 Uwe Hermannadxl345: Add some test-cases.
2020-03-21 Uwe Add support for Python 3.8.
2020-01-13 Uwe Hermannsdcard_sd: Add a few more test-cases.
2020-01-13 Uwe Hermannsdcard_sd: Updates after recent PD changes.
2020-01-11 Uwe Hermanncjtag: Update after PD changes.
2020-01-10 Uwe Hermannds1307: Updates after annotation class PD fixes.
2020-01-10 Uwe Hermannsdcard_sd: Updates after annotation class PD fixes.
2020-01-10 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: Updates after annotation class PD fixes.
2020-01-09 Uwe Hermanncjtag: Add two test-cases.
2020-01-04 Uwe Hermanndmx512: Update after new DMX512 PD stacked on UART.
2020-01-04 Gerhard Sittigdmx512: adjust test.conf, stack dmx512 on top of uart
2020-01-04 Gerhard Sittigps2: add test for PS/2 data exchange without clock...
2020-01-04 Gerhard Sittigps2: adjust to recent implementation, stop ends at...
2020-01-02 Uwe Hermannflexray: Update test-cases after PD fix.
2020-01-02 Uwe Hermannac97: Add binary output test-cases.
2020-01-02 Uwe Hermannieee488: Enable test-case with empty output.
2020-01-01 Uwe Hermanntest.conf updates after annotation class/row changes.
2020-01-01 Uwe HermannUpdates after annotation class/row changes (singular...
2020-01-01 Uwe Hermanncc1101: Update after decoder annotation class fixes.
2019-12-30 Uwe Hermannuart: Updates due to the now-fixed bug #1474.
2019-12-13 Uwe Hermannuart: Add another Grbl test-case.
2019-12-13 Uwe Hermannuart: Add Grbl test-cases.
2019-12-07 Uwe HermannAdd an HDCP test-case.
2019-12-07 Uwe Hermannieee488: Add a test for delim=none.
2019-12-07 Gerhard Sittigieee488: update test results for hp53131a text line...
2019-12-06 Uwe HermannObsolete gpib and iec PDs in favor of ieee488.
2019-12-06 Gerhard Sittigieee488: introduce tests for unified IEEE-488 decoder...
2019-12-03 BenediktOir_rc6: Add test files
2019-12-01 Uwe Hermannir_rc5: Update due to recent PD changes.
2019-11-30 stephan.thieleadd tests for flexray PD
2019-11-30 Uwe Hermannnes_gamepad: Add more test-cases.
2019-11-30 Stephan Thielenes_gamepad: add a test-case
2019-11-29 Uwe Hermannuart: Updates due to recent PD option renames.
2019-11-29 Uwe Hermannuart: Add a test-case for parity_type=ignore.
2019-11-29 Uwe Hermannuart: Add a test-case with intentional parity errors.
2019-11-29 stephan.thielecan: add bit rate switch tests for CAN-FD
2019-11-29 stephan.thielecan: fix nmea2000_fuel_flow_gps_snippet dump (bit rate...
2019-11-29 stephan.thielecan: update tests because of CRC-15 annotation
2019-11-29 stephan.thielecan: testconf: add can_fd_ext_without_brs_8 + can_fd_ex...
2019-11-29 stephan.thielelin: Update test-cases after UART idle frame detection...
2019-11-29 Uwe Hermannuart: Updates after 'IDLE' OUTPUT_PYTHON addition.
2019-11-28 sharowsignature: add test cases
2019-11-24 Uwe Hermanntdm_audio: Add two initial test-cases.
2019-11-24 Uwe Hermannamulet_ascii: Add two initial test-cases.
2019-11-12 Uwe Hermannuart: Add test-cases for rx_packet_delimiter/rx_packet_...
2019-11-09 Uwe Hermanneeprom93xx: Use fixed-width hex output.
2019-11-09 Uwe Hermanneeprom93xx: Add OUTPUT_BINARY test-cases.
2019-11-06 Benedikt Ottoseven_segment: Add three test-cases
2019-10-06 Uwe Hermanncan: Update test-cases after CAN-FD support was added.
2019-10-06 Uwe Hermanncan: Fix test-cases after option rename to 'nominal_bit...
2019-10-06 Stephan Thielecan: add canfd tests can_fd_without_brs_8 + can_fd_with...
2019-08-29 Uwe Hermanneeprom93xx: Add a test-case for the new format=ascii...
2019-08-23 Uwe Hermannmrf24j40: Add a few more test-cases.
2019-08-23 Uwe Hermannmrf24j40: Update due to recent PD and directory changes.
2019-07-05 Mickael BoschAdd some NXP PCA9571 decoder test.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Add a wizmodbus test-case.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Add a few flowmeter test-cases.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Add missing "option cschannel=TX" for clarity.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Add missing "option parity_type=even".
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Update test-case due to recent PD changes.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: Update tests due to recent PD bug #1376...
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: Add a CMD17 test-case.
2019-06-20 Uwe Hermannusb_request: Add a few in_request_start=first-ack test...
2019-06-20 Uwe Hermannusb_request: Update test-cases after recent PD fixes.