descriptionPD and in/out module tests
last changeSun, 6 Oct 2019 22:04:06 +0000 (00:04 +0200)
2019-10-06 Uwe Hermanncan: Update test-cases after CAN-FD support was added. master
2019-10-06 Uwe Hermanncan: Fix test-cases after option rename to 'nominal_bit...
2019-10-06 Stephan Thielecan: add canfd tests can_fd_without_brs_8 + can_fd_with...
2019-08-29 Uwe Hermanneeprom93xx: Add a test-case for the new format=ascii...
2019-08-23 Uwe Hermannmrf24j40: Add a few more test-cases.
2019-08-23 Uwe Hermannmrf24j40: Update due to recent PD and directory changes.
2019-07-05 Mickael BoschAdd some NXP PCA9571 decoder test.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Add a wizmodbus test-case.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Add a few flowmeter test-cases.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Add missing "option cschannel=TX" for clarity.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Add missing "option parity_type=even".
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannmodbus: Update test-case due to recent PD changes.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: Update tests due to recent PD bug #1376...
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: Add a CMD17 test-case.
2019-06-20 Uwe Hermannusb_request: Add a few in_request_start=first-ack test...
2019-06-20 Uwe Hermannusb_request: Update test-cases after recent PD fixes.
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