3 days ago Uwe HermannINSTALL: Drop currently unused/experimental requirement. master
3 days ago Uwe HermannINSTALL: Mention new Qt5LinguistTools requirement.
3 days ago usercmake: avoid redundant source list in Android lib vs...
3 days ago usercmake: don't mangle in-source .qrc file
7 days ago Soeren ApelTranslations: Fix OOT build
7 days ago Soeren ApelTranslation update
7 days ago Soeren ApelTranslations: Use Qt translations
7 days ago Soeren ApelTranslations: Include improvements from Uwe
7 days ago Soeren ApelRefine translatable sentences and translate to German
7 days ago Soeren ApelAdd language chooser widget and handling
7 days ago Soeren ApelImplement translations
8 days ago Scott ShawcroftIgnore touch events generated by a TrackPad.
9 days ago Soeren ApelFix #1488 by clearing the labels when categories are...
9 days ago Soeren ApelDecoderOutputView: Change caption "complete" to "canonical"
9 days ago Soeren ApelMainWindow: Remove QSignalMapper usage
9 days ago Soeren ApelFix #1448 by using different captions for the Run button
10 days ago Soeren ApelMinor decode refactorizations
10 days ago Soeren ApelSignalBase: Fix display_name() for empty internal names
10 days ago Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Save/restore row and column visibilities
13 days ago Soeren Apelclang-tidy and clazy proposals
2020-01-06 Uwe Hermannmanual: Add double-quotes around wget URLs.
2020-01-06 Gerhard Sittigmanual: fix command line word order for wget downloads
2020-01-05 Soeren ApelRowData: Include fix
2020-01-05 Soeren ApelRow: Include fix
2020-01-05 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Disallow row hiding for the time being
2020-01-05 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Add FlowLayout and integrate it
2020-01-05 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Add class color to selector checkboxes
2020-01-05 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Calculate row and annotation colors only...
2020-01-05 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Add profiling and some optimizations
2020-01-01 Soeren ApelRename Decoder::shown() and such
2020-01-01 Soeren ApelFix some DecodeTrace UI issues
2020-01-01 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Fix some UI bugs
2020-01-01 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Highlight row expand markers when a class...
2020-01-01 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Warn when the annotation class is invalid
2020-01-01 Soeren ApelRework decoder infrastructure
2020-01-01 Soeren ApelImplement hidable rows
2020-01-01 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Add widget container
2020-01-01 Soeren ApelImplement expansion marker animation and its infrastructure
2019-12-29 Gerhard Sittigstore session: do send end() packet after data export...
2019-12-27 Soeren ApelFix another compile failure on non-64bit machines
2019-12-26 Soeren ApelFix build for machines that are not 64 bit
2019-12-23 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Various fixes after the refactoring
2019-12-23 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Honor a decoder's shown flag
2019-12-23 Soeren ApelInternal decoder class handling refactoring
2019-12-23 Soeren ApelIntroduce views::trace::RowData and everything that...
2019-12-22 Soeren ApelFix #1462 by letting help label adjust its size
2019-12-22 Soeren ApelFix #852 by handling ViewWidget::leaveEvent() properly
2019-12-21 Soeren ApelDecoderOutputView: Fix updating of the hex view
2019-12-21 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Fix on_setting_changed() handling
2019-12-21 Soeren ApelMake new views take over the main view's signal settings
2019-12-20 Soeren ApelQHexView: Fix saved ASCII output
2019-12-20 Soeren ApelFix #977 properly by checking whether a row actually...
2019-12-20 Soeren ApelFix #1446 by starting the decode only for the last...
2019-12-20 Soeren ApelFix #1451 by only using decoder tags if they're available
2019-12-20 Soeren ApelQHexView: Fix selection display
2019-12-20 Soeren ApelDecoderOutputView: Implement saving
2019-12-20 Soeren ApelAdd save feature to DecoderOutputView
2019-12-20 Soeren ApelAdd DecoderOutputView save button and action
2019-12-20 Soeren ApelDecoderOutputView: Allow for adaptive size constraints
2019-12-17 Uwe HermannUse 'd' shortcut to show/hide decoder selector, also...
2019-12-16 Soeren ApelQHexView: Improve vertical slider handling
2019-12-16 Soeren ApelVarious binary output-related changes
2019-12-12 Soeren ApelDecodeOutputView: Use delayed view updater and cache...
2019-12-12 Soeren ApelFix segfault and use bin class description
2019-12-12 Soeren ApelAllow more than 256 binary output classes
2019-12-12 Soeren ApelQHexView: Use different colors for different chunks
2019-12-12 Soeren ApelDecoderOutputView: Directly use DecodeBinaryClass as...
2019-12-12 Soeren ApelQHexView: Fix cursor max pos
2019-12-12 Soeren ApelDecoderOutputView: Make comboboxes auto-adjusting
2019-12-12 Soeren ApelImplement binary class selector
2019-12-11 Soeren ApelVarious PD-related changes
2019-12-10 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Fix race condition
2019-12-10 Soeren ApelMove DecodeChannel from data:: to data::decoder::
2019-12-10 Soeren ApelConnect DecodeSignal and DecoderOutputView
2019-12-10 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Add binary data callback
2019-11-30 Soeren ApelSimplify QHexView interfaces
2019-11-30 Soeren ApelIntegrate QHexView and make it better
2019-11-29 Soeren ApelAdd QHexView
2019-11-29 Soeren ApelDecoderOutput: Add format selector
2019-11-29 Soeren ApelDecoderOutput: Add selector box and fix signal handling
2019-11-27 Soeren ApelSave/restore view type
2019-11-27 Soeren ApelChange parameter to ViewBase constructor
2019-11-27 Soeren ApelImplement adding different view types
2019-11-25 Soeren ApelMore preparation and some settings handling cleanup
2019-11-25 Soeren ApelDecoderOutput: Add basic view skeleton
2019-11-24 Soeren ApelFix #1440 by moving shortcuts from the main window...
2019-11-24 Soeren ApelFix clazy warnings
2019-11-24 Soeren ApelUse proposed clang-tidy fixes
2019-11-24 Soeren ApelFix #1431 by using per-instance member variables
2019-11-24 Soeren ApelLogging: Break srd stacktraces up into proper newlines
2019-11-24 Soeren Apelgitignore: Add *.qm
2019-11-24 Soeren ApelPrepare translations
2019-11-23 Uwe Hermannviews/trace: Fix two -fsanitize=undefined issues.
2019-11-11 Soeren ApelFix typo
2019-11-11 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Add fallback icon for edit-paste action
2019-11-09 Soeren ApelFix compiler warnings
2019-11-09 Miklos MartonAdd temporary snapping disable menu to markers and...
2019-11-07 Uwe HermannConnect dialog: Fix an issue where serial ports can...
2019-11-07 Soeren ApelFix #1107 more by copying also to the mouse selection...
2019-11-07 Soeren ApelFix #1412 more by allowing the PD stack menu to be...