11 days ago Uwe Hermanncursors: Fix mouse cursor shape to be horizontal arrows. master
12 days ago Miklos MartonAdd shortcuts to + and - buttons for zooming in and...
12 days ago Uwe HermannConnect dialog: Fix scan for certain USB devices.
12 days ago Soeren ApelDon't return valid time() for the cursor pair
12 days ago Soeren ApelStyle and architecture fixes
12 days ago jasegShow relative time of flags on hover
12 days ago jasegAccept new position on enter press in cursor popups
12 days ago jasegFix ruler double-click to add cursor in right position
12 days ago Soeren ApelTrace View: Move ruler time conversion from View to...
13 days ago jasegShow ruler timestamps in cursors and popups
13 days ago Soeren ApelFixes
13 days ago jasegMake cursor pair drop precision when too small
13 days ago Soeren ApelFixes
13 days ago jasegTrace view: Allow setting cursors via shift-drag
2019-07-02 Uwe Hermanndecoder_selector: Apply decoder upon pressing enter.
2019-06-30 Uwe Hermanndecoder_selector: Fix an issue with PD auto-stacking.
2019-06-29 Uwe Hermanndecoder_selector: Expand "All Decoders" if the user...
2019-06-29 Uwe Hermanndecoder_selector: Auto-place the keyboard cursor in...
2019-05-04 Tilman SauerbeckSession: Use a monotonic clock to measure acquisition...
2019-05-04 Tilman SauerbeckSession: Print duration of last acquisition only.
2019-04-22 Soeren ApelStyle fixes
2019-04-22 Devan LaiRemove redundant isNull() check - isEmpty is a superset...
2019-04-22 Devan LaiAdd -s / --settings parameter to load a session setup...
2019-04-21 Soeren ApelFix #1375 by searching across all model columns
2019-04-18 Soeren ApelSession: Measure acquisition time
2019-03-28 Soeren ApelMerge RowItem() into ViewItem()
2019-03-28 Ryan GovostesUse multiple drawLine() calls instead of drawPolyline()
2019-03-28 Soeren ApelFix variable naming
2019-03-28 Ryan GovostesDisable antialiasing on high-DPI displays
2019-03-21 Uwe HermannDecoderSelector: Set alignment=top for the PD info...
2019-03-19 Soeren ApelDecoderSelector: Make window as wide as necessary when...
2019-03-19 Soeren ApelDecoderSelector: Put body label into a QScrollArea
2019-03-16 Uwe HermannINSTALL: Bump libsigrokdecode requirement to >= 0.6.0.
2019-03-14 Uwe HermannDecoderSelector: Make first line of PD info italic...
2019-03-14 Uwe HermannDecoderSelector: Avoid non-standard variable type.
2019-03-14 Uwe HermannDecoderSelector: Reduce indentation from 20 to 10.
2019-03-14 Uwe HermannDecoderSelector: Make decoder tag names fully visible
2019-03-14 Uwe HermannDecoderSelector: Set alignment=top for the PD info...
2019-03-14 Uwe HermannDecoderSelector: Make PD info text selectable.
2019-03-14 Uwe HermannDecoderSelector: Allow word-wrap for PD header/footer...
2019-03-14 Uwe HermannDecoderSelector: Fix catching polymorphic types by...
2019-03-14 Soeren ApelFix build without decoders enabled
2019-03-14 Soeren ApelDecoderSelector: Use srd_decoder_get_by_id()
2019-03-14 Soeren ApelDecoderSelector: Make PD names italic
2019-03-14 Soeren ApelDecoderSelector: Properly name utility methods
2019-03-14 Soeren ApelDecoderSelector: Rework GSList usage to remove unnecess...
2019-03-14 Soeren ApelManual: Add session save/restore, PD selector dialog
2019-03-12 Soeren ApelViewBase: Add missing constructor call
2019-03-12 Soeren ApelDecoderSelector: Implement filtering
2019-03-12 Soeren ApelDecoderSelector: Use proxy model to permit sorting
2019-03-12 Soeren ApelDecodeSelector: Use custom treeview to hook into select...
2019-03-12 Soeren ApelFix #1309 by adding a PD info box
2019-03-10 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Use name of last stacked PD unless the...
2019-03-10 Soeren ApelFix #1147 by implementing decoder selector subwindow
2019-03-09 chrysnviews: Increase precision on analog views
2019-03-02 Soeren ApelAuto-load session setups if they exist and auto-save...
2019-03-02 Soeren ApelFix #971: Allow saving/restoring of session setups
2019-02-26 Soeren ApelFix #1338 ("show time zero at the trigger" option)
2019-02-11 Gerhard SittigCMakeLists.txt: create NSIS file in binary directory...
2019-02-11 Bartosz Golaszewskimainbar: fix build without libsigrokdecode
2019-01-18 Soeren ApelSession: Enable logic data acquisition using gstreamer
2019-01-10 Uwe HermannCMakeLists.txt: Set ENABLE_FLOW to FALSE by default.
2019-01-10 Uwe Hermannflow: Call Srf::init() early in main().
2019-01-10 Uwe HermannRename ENABLE_GSTREAMERMM to ENABLE_FLOW.
2018-12-29 Uwe HermannAdd libsigrokflow build system integration.
2018-12-29 Uwe HermannAdd ENABLE_GSTREAMERMM, make gstreamermm support optional.
2018-12-29 Uwe HermannAdd new dependency: libgstreamermm >= 1.8.0.
2018-12-29 Soeren ApelConnect dialog: add baud rate combobox for serial ports
2018-12-27 Soeren ApelDon't use QMessageBox::setInformativeText()
2018-12-27 Soeren ApelAbort acquisition if there are more than 64 logic channels
2018-12-05 Uwe Hermannlogicsegment.cpp: Minor whitespace fix.
2018-12-05 Alexandru Gagniuccmake: Don't do a QUIET search for libsigrokcxx
2018-10-29 Uwe Hermannmanual: Bump date.
2018-10-29 Uwe HermannINSTALL: Mention both asciidoctor and asciidoctor-pdf.
2018-10-29 Uwe HermannUse more specific libsigrokcxx/libsigrokdecode minimum...
2018-10-28 Soeren ApelRuler: Fix context menu for items on the ruler
2018-10-28 Soeren ApelInstaller: Add links to manual
2018-10-28 Uwe HermannINSTALL: Mention optional libboost-stacktrace.
2018-10-28 Gerhard Sittigmanual: allow manual conversion without source builds
2018-10-28 Soeren ApelSignalBase: Make sure an invalid color isn't shown...
2018-10-28 Soeren ApelManual: Adjust wording
2018-10-27 Uwe HermannINSTALL: Update instructions for building the manual.
2018-10-27 Uwe Hermannmanual: Rename pulseview_manual.* to manual.*.
2018-10-27 Gerhard Sittigmanual: link from decoder troubleshooting to sigrok...
2018-10-27 Gerhard Sittigmanual: expand the protocol decoder troubleshooting...
2018-10-27 Gerhard Sittigmanual: remove the generate script, got obsoleted by...
2018-10-27 Gerhard Sittigmanual: cosmetic nits, add comments to CMake rules
2018-10-27 Gerhard Sittigmanual: also install images/*.png with the HTML output
2018-10-27 Gerhard Sittigmanual: accept absence of the asciidoctor-pdf exectuable
2018-10-27 Gerhard Sittigmanual: install manual conversion result files generate...
2018-10-27 Gerhard Sittigmanual: introduce CMake logic for asciidoctor execution
2018-10-27 Uwe HermannSettings::get_view_settings_form(): Fix an incorrect...
2018-10-27 Soeren ApelSignalBase: Work around QColor serialization bug on OSX
2018-10-27 Soeren ApelAnalogSignal/LogicSignal: Internally cache settings...
2018-10-27 Soeren ApelImplement customizable cursor fill color
2018-10-27 Soeren ApelMove meta type declaration out of MainWindow
2018-10-27 Soeren ApelAsk user about adjusting UI colors when choosing a...
2018-10-27 Soeren ApelThemes: Fix icon shift bug when opening QToolButton...
2018-10-27 Soeren ApelSettings: Allow user to choose the Qt UI style
2018-10-24 Soeren ApelDeviceManager: Prevent PV crashes when scanning for...