descriptionQt based LA/scope/MSO GUI
last changeSun, 19 Jul 2020 14:15:42 +0000 (16:15 +0200)
2020-07-19 Soeren ApelSettings: Add SIGROKDECODE_DIR notice so that users... master
2020-07-16 Soeren ApelRename es_mx.ts to es_MX.ts to follow the Qt spec
2020-07-16 Uwe Hermannpv/util.hpp: Workaround for a Boost::serialization...
2020-07-13 Soeren ApelFix #1567 by showing a custom text for the minimum...
2020-07-12 Valentin OchsAllow setting a frame limit
2020-07-11 Soeren ApelTabularDecView: Fix some UI issues
2020-07-03 Soeren ApelDecodeSignal: Don't use exceptions for regular program...
2020-07-03 Soeren ApelTabularDecView: Prevent a race condition
2020-07-02 Soeren ApelUpdate German translation
2020-07-02 Soeren ApelInclude translations and editors in about dialog
2020-07-02 Soeren ApelRename translation and add it to resource file
2020-07-02 C47DFinish Spanish (Mexico) translation
2020-07-02 Carlos DiazStart Spanish (Mexico) translation
2020-06-26 Soeren ApelUpdate German translation
2020-06-25 Soeren ApelFix #1183 by adding a workaround for srzip handling
2020-06-25 Soeren ApelMainBar: Make sure session save path is reset on non...
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