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descriptionQt based LA/scope/MSO GUI
last changeThu, 14 Mar 2024 20:59:45 +0000 (21:59 +0100)
2024-03-14 Soeren ApelSession: Fix issue #67 by improving error handling master github/master
2024-01-26 Ramon FelderAnalogSignal: Recalculate scale when restoring div...
2024-01-26 haseciluAdd new translators to "About" section
2024-01-26 haseciluUpdate Spanish translation to latest changes
2024-01-26 Soeren Apeltrace: Whitespace fix
2024-01-26 Daniel Trnkatrace: fix crash on empty channel name in popup form
2023-10-21 Soeren ApelSession: Record acquisition start time and use it when...
2023-10-18 Soeren ApelTrace view: Add setting to keep ruler item selected
2023-10-18 Soeren ApelFix warning and remove cursor pair selected state
2023-10-18 Soeren ApelTimeMarker: Automatically deselect item when popup...
2023-10-18 Soeren ApelFlags: Always save raw text, not display text in sessio...
2023-09-27 ZtyProAdd Chinese translate files
2023-09-17 Soeren ApelManual: Make timestamp less ambiguous so people don...
2023-09-08 Soeren ApelFix CMake CXX_STANDARD handling, part 2
2023-09-08 Soeren ApelFix CMake CXX_STANDARD handling
2023-09-08 Soeren ApelFix glibmm dependency check
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6 years ago pulseview-0.4.0 pulseview 0.4.0 release
8 years ago pulseview-0.3.0 pulseview-0.3.0 release
9 years ago pulseview-0.2.0 pulseview 0.2.0 release
10 years ago pulseview-0.1.0 pulseview 0.1.0 release
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