descriptionExample signal/protocol dumps
last changeWed, 11 Nov 2020 19:33:16 +0000 (20:33 +0100)
2020-11-11 Gerhard Sittigspi: commit SQI captures with four I/O data lines master
2020-09-09 Gerhard Sittigds3231: add Maxim DS3231 real time clock example captures
2020-08-30 BenediktOdcc: Add captures for DCC model railway control
2020-08-30 Benedikt Ottomcp23017: Add dumps of the microchip mcp23017 i/o expander
2020-08-30 Benedikt Ottoir_nec: Add dumps for corner cases (timing tolerance...
2020-08-18 Gerhard Sittigsle44xx: extend the README for the SLE4442 captures
2020-08-18 Federico Ceruttisle44xx: add smart card dumps for the SLE4442 chip
2020-08-18 Helge Kruseavr_isp: Add dumps for program page, EEPROM, lock memor...
2020-08-12 Gerhard Sittigsdq: commit SDQ example data
2020-08-08 gregor-anich... st7735: Add dump with unknown command
2020-07-30 bvernouxst25r39xx: Add dumps of HydraNFC Shield v2
2020-07-26 Gerhard Sittigir_nec: add capture for extended NEC protocol
2020-07-22 Gerhard Sittigir_sirc: add captures for Sony IR (SIRC)
2020-07-20 Arno Morbachspdif: Add more example files.
2020-07-18 Stefanrgb_led_ws281x: Add WS281x_RGBW Test Data
2020-07-18 Gerhard Sittigcaliper: rename dump files and probes
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