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descriptionHardware access and backend lib
last changeWed, 3 Jan 2024 19:21:36 +0000 (20:21 +0100)
2024-01-03 Gerhard Sittigoutput/csv: use intermediate time_t var, silence compil... master github/master
2024-01-03 Gerhard Sittiginput/protocoldata: silence build warnings, adjust...
2023-12-29 Gerhard Sittigoutput/srzip: reduce text line length, remove "dead...
2023-12-29 Gerhard Sittigoutput/srzip: accept arbitrary input and output unit...
2023-12-29 Gerhard Sittigoutput/srzip: rename variables for samples counts
2023-12-29 Gerhard Sittigoutput/srzip: rename variable for archive unit size
2023-12-21 Marc Schinkscpi/serial: Add USB VID/PID for R&S HMC808x series
2023-12-21 Marc Schinkcontrib: Add udev rule for R&S HMC804x series (USBTMC)
2023-12-21 Marc Schinkscpi-pps: Add support for R&S HMC8042
2023-12-21 Marc Schinkscpi-pps: Add OCP support for R&S HMC8043
2023-12-21 Marc Schinkscpi-pps: Add support for SR_CONF_OVER_CURRENT_PROTECTI...
2023-12-21 Marc Schinkhwdriver: Add SR_CONF_OVER_CURRENT_PROTECTION_DELAY
2023-12-21 Gerhard Sittiggreatfet: feed the session with constant width sample...
2023-12-21 Gerhard Sittigtests: adjust test coverage for power of two and input...
2023-12-21 Gerhard Sittigstrutil: support special case in power of two calculation
2023-11-27 Gerhard Sittighantek-dso: eliminate the "forced trigger" option value
4 years ago libsigrok-0.5.2 libsigrok 0.5.2 release
5 years ago libsigrok-0.5.1 libsigrok 0.5.1 release
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6 years ago twinkie-0.5.0-v2
6 years ago twinkie-0.5.0-v1
6 years ago libsigrok-0.5.0 libsigrok 0.5.0 release
8 years ago libsigrok-0.4.0 libsigrok-0.4.0 release
9 years ago libsigrok-0.3.0 libsigrok 0.3.0 release
10 years ago libsigrok-0.2.2 libsigrok 0.2.2 release
10 years ago libsigrok-0.2.1 libsigrok 0.2.1 release
10 years ago libsigrok-0.2.0 libsigrok 0.2.0 release
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11 years ago libsigrok-0.1.1 libsigrok 0.1.1 release
12 years ago libsigrok-0.1.0 libsigrok 0.1.0 release
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