descriptionHardware access and backend lib
last changeTue, 14 May 2019 17:56:57 +0000 (19:56 +0200)
6 days ago Vitaliy Vorobyovserial-lcr: Add MASTECH MS5308 master
2019-05-01 Uwe HermannFix an issue when building in directories that are...
2019-05-01 Vitaliy VorobyovAdd MASTECH MS2115B support.
2019-05-01 Gerd v. Egidyagilent-dmm: add basic support for Agilent/Keysight...
2019-05-01 Gerd v. Egidyagilent-dmm: fix support for Agilent/Keysight U1252A
2019-04-28 Gerhard Sittigserial: rename variable to reflect it's related to...
2019-04-28 Gerhard Sittigserial: update doxygen comments (flush vs drain, in...
2019-04-28 Gerhard Sittiglibsigrok-internal.h: fix source file references in...
2019-04-28 Gerhard Sittiglibsigrok-internal.h: nit, alpha-sort include directives
2019-04-28 Gerhard Sittigdevice: rephrase sizeof() calls for reduced redundancy...
2019-04-24 Uwe HermannConsistently use the "Sysclk" spelling everywhere.
2019-04-24 Uwe Hermannudev: Add Sysclk SLA50232 entry.
2019-04-24 Uwe Hermannsysclk-sla5032: Minor asterisk placement consistency...
2019-04-24 Uwe Hermannsysclk-sla5032: Make a few functions static.
2019-04-24 Uwe Hermannsysclk-sla5032: Merge sla5032.[ch] into protocol.[ch].
2019-04-24 Uwe Hermannsysclk-sla5032: Shorten sla5032_start_sample() a bit.
7 months ago libsigrok-0.5.1 libsigrok 0.5.1 release
7 months ago libsigrok-unreleased libsigrok unreleased development...
17 months ago twinkie-0.5.0-v2
18 months ago twinkie-0.5.0-v1
23 months ago libsigrok-0.5.0 libsigrok 0.5.0 release
3 years ago libsigrok-0.4.0 libsigrok-0.4.0 release
5 years ago libsigrok-0.3.0 libsigrok 0.3.0 release
5 years ago libsigrok-0.2.2 libsigrok 0.2.2 release
5 years ago libsigrok-0.2.1 libsigrok 0.2.1 release
6 years ago libsigrok-0.2.0 libsigrok 0.2.0 release
6 years ago dsupstream
6 years ago libsigrok-0.1.1 libsigrok 0.1.1 release
7 years ago libsigrok-0.1.0 libsigrok 0.1.0 release
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