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descriptionSerial port access library
last changeThu, 2 Nov 2023 21:10:36 +0000 (22:10 +0100)
2023-11-02 André Fonsecachange type of result variables to ssize_t master github/master
2023-11-02 André Fonsecarename deprecated constant kIOMasterPortDefault
2021-07-01 Karl PalssonHACK: don't even check for termiox
2021-07-01 Jerry JacobsApply a default baudrate when the OS does not provide...
2021-06-16 Gerhard Sittigdoc: update IRC reference to Libera.Chat
2020-09-22 Ben Gardinersp: clear HUPCL to preserve control lines on close
2020-05-04 Wolfram SangReturn proper type when sp_get_port_transport() fails
2020-03-26 Leon VargaOpen the file descriptor of a serial port on POSIX...
2020-03-26 Uwe Hermannexamples/send_receive: Fix receive check.
2020-02-07 Martin LingFix use of variable length array in send_receive exampl...
2020-02-07 Martin LingAdd send/receive example to VS2019 examples solution.
2020-02-07 Martin Lingwindows: Ignore fParity flag which is always 0 after...
2020-02-07 Martin LingREADME: Remove note about old MinGW, it actually works...
2020-02-07 Martin Lingconfigure.ac: remove broken handling for cygwin as...
2020-02-07 Martin LingAdd remaining examples to examples/README.
2020-02-07 Martin LingFormatting fix for example descriptions.
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