descriptionCommand line UI
last changeSat, 9 Nov 2019 17:28:26 +0000 (18:28 +0100)
2019-11-09 Devan LaiSet stdout to binary mode on Windows as needed master
2019-06-20 Uwe Hermann--list-serial: Reduce indentation level.
2019-06-05 Gerhard Sittigshow: support array of floats, unbreaks LCR output...
2019-06-05 Gerhard Sittigdoc: discuss "colons in conn= specs" in the manpage
2019-06-04 Uwe Hermann--list-serial: Also mention HID/BT/BLE as possible...
2019-06-04 Gerhard Sittigshow: print list of available serial ports
2019-05-14 Gerhard Sittigsession: print error message when output file creation...
2019-05-14 Gerhard Sittigdoc: update manpage, --show also works with --input...
2019-05-14 Gerhard Sittigshow: add support for -i <fn> --show, provide details...
2019-05-14 Gerhard Sittigsession: make group of 'static' vars more visible
2019-05-14 Gerhard Sittigdoc: weaken and extend the description of the -d option
2019-05-14 Gerhard Sittigadd --dont-scan (-D) command line option
2019-05-09 Gerhard Sittigdoc: update manpage, mention -A and annotation rows
2019-05-09 Gerhard Sittigdecode: accept annotation rows for -A specs
2019-05-09 Gerhard Sittigdecode: rephrase logic which looks up -A specs
2019-04-20 Gerhard Sittigdecode: nits, whitespace and line length fix
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