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last changeWed, 5 Aug 2020 17:25:00 +0000 (19:25 +0200)
2020-08-05 Gerhard Sittigdoc: update manpage for channel groups in --get/--confi... master
2020-08-03 Gerhard Sittigaccept multiple --get requests for multiple channel...
2020-08-03 Gerhard Sittigaccept multiple --config requests for multiple channel...
2020-08-03 Gerhard Sittigparsers: rephrase option key/value parsing some more
2020-08-03 Gerhard Sittigparsers: extend options parser, support optional ID...
2020-08-03 Gerhard Sittigmain: terminate with error when -B was specified but...
2020-08-03 Gerhard Sittigparsers: warn about unknown input/output module option...
2020-08-03 Gerhard Sittigdevice: rename channel group lookup routine
2020-07-25 Gerhard Sittigdecode: shuffle order of JSON trace fields for readability
2020-07-25 Gerhard Sittigdecode: concentrate JSON formatting in a single location
2020-07-25 Gerhard Sittigdecode: add support for Google Trace Event output ...
2020-07-25 Gerhard Sittigdecode: start collecting internal state (samplerate)
2020-05-23 Gerhard Sittigshow: do print floating point results even if value...
2020-05-23 Gerhard Sittigshow: mark currently selected samplerate item in sample...
2020-04-11 Wolfram Sangdecode: add sanity check when mapping channels
2020-04-11 Andreas Sandbergscan: Show serial number if available
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