Fix inconsistent declaration parameter names.
[pulseview.git] / pv / view / viewport.hpp
2016-02-13 Uwe HermannFix inconsistent declaration parameter names.
2015-12-28 Soeren ApelViewport: Allow for vertical dragging as well
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserUse a type with a greater resolution to represent time...
2015-01-27 Joel HoldsworthModified header guards to match file names
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Implemented item hover cursors
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewport: Implemented on-canvas drag
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Moved in event and touch_event
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthViewWidget: Moved in mouse handlers
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthView: Removed signals_moved signals
2014-12-29 Joel HoldsworthAdded ViewWidget as a common ancestor of all view widgets
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthSession: Renamed pv::SigSession to Session
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthRenamed C++ headers to .hpp