inputfile: Increase chunk size from 16KB to 4MB.
[pulseview.git] / pv / devices / inputfile.cpp
2018-04-15 Uwe Hermanninputfile: Increase chunk size from 16KB to 4MB.
2018-04-15 Uwe Hermanninputfile: Use a vector instead of an array on the...
2018-03-23 Dan Horákfix catching polymorphic types by value
2017-03-18 Uwe HermannDon't use std:: in the code directly (where possible).
2017-01-07 Gerhard Sittiglicense: remove FSF postal address from boiler plate...
2016-05-09 Soeren ApelInputFile: Use new reset() function to allow re-reading...
2016-04-08 Soeren ApelInputFile: Don't try to create device twice
2016-01-31 Soeren ApelFix #733: Open import files using binary mode
2015-12-26 Uwe HermannVarious minor whitespace and consistency fixes.
2015-09-04 Soeren ApelFix #605 by closing current device when another is...
2015-06-11 Joel HoldsworthMainWindow: Added format parameters to load_file
2015-06-11 Joel HoldsworthAdded InputFile