Fix Bug #1649 (Save dialog does not close automatically)
[pulseview.git] / icons /
2020-09-27 Soeren ApelMathSignal: Add config dialog
2020-08-15 Soeren ApelIntroduce math signals
2019-11-11 Soeren ApelDecodeTrace: Add fallback icon for edit-paste action
2019-03-12 Soeren ApelDecoderSelector: Implement filtering
2018-10-16 Soeren ApelAdd themes and implement theme support
2018-09-05 Soeren ApelBinding: Add help icons for entries with descriptions
2018-08-22 Soeren ApelImplement decode pausing/resuming
2018-06-03 Soeren ApelFix #1198 by removing the 1:1 zoom button
2018-01-09 Soeren ApelAdd segment display mode icons
2017-06-11 Uwe HermannRename sigrok-logo-notext.ico to pulseview.ico.
2017-06-11 Uwe HermannRename sigrok-logo-notext.svg to pulseview.svg.
2017-06-11 Uwe HermannRename sigrok-logo-notext.png to pulseview.png.
2017-05-05 Uwe HermannRename icons to match icon naming speci...
2017-03-13 Soeren ApelSettings: Change icon for "Views"
2017-03-12 Soeren ApelIntegrate the about dialog into the settings dialog
2016-09-01 Soeren ApelAdd "new session" and "new view" toolbar buttons
2016-08-16 Soeren ApelFix #814 by using PNG application logo instead of SVG
2015-02-26 Uwe HermannBring back sigrok-logo-notext.png (needed on Android).
2015-01-27 Joel Holdsworthicons: Improved application icon quality
2015-01-10 Joel HoldsworthMainBar: Added add-decoder button
2015-01-10 Joel HoldsworthMainWindow: Added icon to action_view_show_cursors
2015-01-06 Joel Holdsworthicons: Added menu icon
2015-01-01 Joel Holdsworthicons: Resized icons to 24x24
2014-11-23 Joel Holdsworthicons: Added trigger markers
2014-08-31 Joel Holdsworthicons: Renamed probe.svg to channels.svg
2014-02-02 Joel HoldsworthAdded show/hide decoder button
2014-01-11 Joel HoldsworthAdded support for save
2013-12-09 Joel HoldsworthAdded zoom one-to-one
2013-12-02 Joel HoldsworthAdded missing zoom-fit icon
2013-11-30 Joel HoldsworthCreated DecoderGroupBox widget
2013-10-13 Joel HoldsworthAdded Probes icon
2013-05-27 Joel HoldsworthAdded trigger buttons to LogicSignal context bar.
2013-01-15 Joel HoldsworthAdded File>Quit menu item
2013-01-01 Joel HoldsworthAdded status icons to Run/Stop button
2012-12-28 Joel HoldsworthAdded fallback toolbar icons
2012-12-28 Joel HoldsworthAdded Tango configure icon
2012-10-13 Uwe HermannAdd icons/sigrok-logo-notext.ico.
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthAdded application icon