Trace View: Allow context menu to show basic options in empty area
[pulseview.git] / pv / data / mathsignal.cpp
2020-12-12 Soeren ApelFix remaining invalid disconnect() calls
2020-09-27 Soeren ApelMathSignal: Implement custom math signal dialog
2020-08-23 Soeren ApelMathSignal: Rename sig_sample() to sample()
2020-08-23 Soeren ApelMathSignal: Check for enabled signals
2020-08-22 Soeren ApelRestore math signals as well
2020-08-22 Soeren ApelMake error handling generic improve math error detail
2020-08-22 Soeren ApelRework all subthread-based workers to make notification...
2020-08-22 Soeren ApelBetter segment handling in math signal and lock avoidance
2020-08-22 Soeren ApelMove signal color handling to SignalBase
2020-08-22 Soeren ApelMathSignal: Mark segments as complete
2020-08-22 Soeren ApelMathSignal: Allow use of other signals
2020-08-22 Soeren ApelMathSignal: Use error message
2020-08-22 Soeren ApelImplement MathSignal
2020-08-15 Soeren ApelIntroduce math signals