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DMM accuracy

This is a small comparison of some DMMs, all measuring the same voltages etc. on the same Voltagestandard DMMCheck Plus device using the same multimeter cables.

Device 5V DC 5V AC 1mA DC 1mA AC 100Ω 1kΩ 10kΩ 100kΩ 100Hz Duty cycle
Voltcraft VC-820 4.98V 5.53V 1.00mA 1.08mA 100.2Ω 1.000kΩ 10.03kΩ 100.2kΩ 99.9Hz 49.9%
PeakTech 3410 (Metex ME-31) 5.01V 5.55V 1.000mA 1.111mA 100.8Ω 1.000kΩ 10.000kΩ 100.1kΩ
UNI-T UT61E 4.995V 5.026V 0.999mA 1.004mA 100.63Ω 0.9983kΩ 9.996kΩ 100.01kΩ 100.0Hz 49.9%
V&A VA18B 5.014V 5.540V 1.00mA 1.10mA 101.2Ω 1.002kΩ 10.05kΩ 100.4kΩ 99.99Hz 49.98%
MASTECH MAS345 5.01V 5.60V 1.003mA 1.111mA 100.6Ω 0.999kΩ 9.99kΩ 99.9kΩ
Digitek DT4000ZC 4.99V 5.53V 0.99mA 1.06mA 100.5Ω 1.000kΩ 9.99kΩ 100.2kΩ 99.9Hz 49.9%
UNI-T UT61D 4.992V 5.000V 1.00mA 0.92mA 100.2Ω 0.997kΩ 9.99kΩ 100.0kΩ 99.9Hz 49.9%
Victor 86C 5.01V 5.57V 0.99mA 1.10mA 100.4Ω 0.999kΩ 10.91kΩ 100.1kΩ 99.9Hz 49.9%