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libsigrok supports a number of different input modules (a.k.a. file formats) and output modules, and has a generic API which allows easily adding more input/output modules.

Supported input/output formats

Name Input Output Description
Analog supported Text output of analog data and types.
ASCII supported ASCII art.
Binary supported supported Raw binary data output without any metadata attached.
Bits supported 0/1 digits.
ChronoVu LA8 supported supported ChronoVu LA8 software file format (usually with .kdt file extension).
CSV supported supported Comma-separated values (also usable for generating data and config files for gnuplot).
hex supported Hexadecimal digits.
Intronix Logicport LA1034 supported Intronix Logicport LA1034 *.lpf files.
ols supported The file format used by the "Alternative" Java client for the Openbench Logic Sniffer.
protocoldata supported Re-creates logic trace waveforms from a sequence of data values and optional control instructions.
saleae supported Files exported by the Saleae Logic application.
srzip supported supported The current (v2) sigrok session file format (*.sr).
STF supported "Sigma Test File". Native format of the Asix Sigma/Omega vendor software.
VCD supported supported The Value Change Dump format (can also be visualized in gtkwave, for instance).
WAV supported supported The waveform audio (WAV) file format.
Raw analog supported Analog signals without header (configurable sample size, format, and endianness).
Lauterbach Trace32 supported The Lauterbach Trace32 logic analyzer data file format.
WaveDrom supported Digital timing diagrams in JSON syntax

The output formats apply only to unprocessed raw data. Data processed by decoders can't be saved into output file by argument, only by redirection of STDOUT.

Supported transform modules

Name Description
nop Do nothing.
scale Scale analog values by a specified factor.
invert Invert values.

Possible candidates for future input/output formats

Name Description
Scanalogic Used by the IKALOGIC Scanalogic-2 and IKALOGIC ScanaPLUS logic analyzers.
Rigol ROF Used by the Rigol DP800 series power supplies.
Rigol RAF Used by the Rigol DG1000Z, DG4000, and DG5000 series signal generators. See DG1000Z User Guide page 2-75, also this post at eevblog.
Rigol WFM Used by the Rigol DS series oscilloscopes. See
Rigol WFM4 Used by the Rigol DS4000 series oscilloscopes.
Vector MDF (v3.3) / ASAM MDF (v4.x) Automotive industry standard format. Docs can be found here and here. Validator is here. Some code is here and here.
COMTRADE File format used by devices in power engineering (e.g. protective relays, fault recorders). Can contain digital and analog data with constant or variable sample rate.
PWL Trivial file format that can be used to define the signal of voltage/current sources in a SPICE simulation.
Tektronix WFM Used by the Tektronix TDS series oscilloscopes. A parser for Matlab can be found here.
EVCD/IDX/FST/GHW File formats generated by hardware simulation tools. See the GtkWave manual for some of them, and conversion utilities.
NI TDMS File formats used by various National Instruments software like LabVIEW or DAQExpress.
IMC data format File formats used by imc GmbH softwares. File format description can be found in the imc Software Shared Components documentation. (Registration required.)