DreamSourceLab DSLogic

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DreamSourceLab DSLogic
Status supported
Source code dreamsourcelab-dslogic
Channels 1-16
Samplerate 400MHz(4ch), 200MHz(8ch), 100MHz(16ch)
Samplerate (state) 50MHz
Triggers high, low, rising, falling, edge, multi-stage triggers
Min/max voltage -0.6V — 6V
Threshold voltage configurable: 3.3V, 5V
Memory 32MByte (2MByte/ch)
Compression no
Website dreamsourcelab.com

The DreamSourceLab DSLogic is a 16-channel USB-based logic analyzer, with sampling rates up to 400MHz (when using only 4 channels).

See DreamSourceLab DSLogic/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.




In order to use this device with libsigrok the vendor firmare and bitstream files (v0.97) are required.

The easiest method to install those is to use the sigrok-fwextract-dreamsourcelab-dslogic script. It will download the correct files, rename them to the correct filenames as expected by libsigrok and install them.

Example usage:

$ PREFIX=$HOME/sr ./sigrok-fwextract-dreamsourcelab-dslogic

This will install the files into $HOME/sr/share/sigrok-fimware. Without PREFIX, the files will be installed into /usr/local/share/sigrok-firmware by default.

If you want to avoid using the script, you can manually download and rename the files (but check the script for the correct filenames).

Note: Do not use any firmware/bitstream files newer than those linked here (v0.97), they're currently not supported. See bugs #905 and #1063.