RowItemOwner: Added list_by_type
[pulseview.git] / pv / view / rowitemowner.cpp
2015-06-30 Joel HoldsworthRowItemOwner: Added list_by_type
2015-06-30 Joel HoldsworthRowItemOwner: Added list_row_item_owners
2014-12-13 Soeren ApelRowItem: Fixed v_extents initial conditions
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthRenamed C++ headers to .hpp
2014-11-22 Joel HoldsworthMake member variable underscores a suffix instead of...
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthTraceGroup: Implemented stacking
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItemOwner: Replaced parent notification scheme
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Split appart visual and layout v offsets
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Replaced fixed signal heights with extents
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthAdded pv::view::RowItemIterator
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthView: Keep a list of owned traces in RowItemOwner
2014-11-19 Joel HoldsworthAdded RowItemOwner