Owon SDS series

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Owon SDS series
Status planned
Channels 2 analog (all models) + trigger
Samplerate 0.25-1.6 GSa/s (by channel in dual channel)
Samplerate (eq. time) 0.5-3.2 GSa/s (dual channel combined or single channel)
Analog bandwidth 60-300 MHz (depending on model)
Vertical resolution 8bits
Triggers edge, pulse width, slope, video, alternate
Input impedance 1MΩ‖10pF±5pF
Memory 10Mpts (by channel, 20M total) except on max samplerate of 8102,8202,8302 and 9302 models (10K)
Display 8" 800x600, 64K colors
Connectivity USB host and device, Ethernet, VGA, Trig pass/fail out
Features math: + / — / x / FFT ; Lithium battery
Website owon.com.hk

The Owon SDS series are ... digital storage oscilloscopes.


Model Bandwidth (MHz) Sample Rate (GS/s by ch) USB VID/PID
Owon SDS6062 60 0.5
Owon SDS7072 70 1
Owon SDS7102 100 1 5345:1234
Owon SDS8102 100 2
Owon SDS8202 200 2
Owon SDS8302 300 2.5
Owon SDS9302 300 3.2


Simple text commands sent through USB or Ethernet, data is then sent back by bulk (header then data) for USB, or simple packets (Ethernet).

Some models seems to support SCPI (SDS7102 doesn't yet).

The menu items can be triggered by special commands.