Digilent Analog Discovery

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Digilent Analog Discovery

The Digilent Analog Discovery is a 100MSa/s oscilloscope, function generator, logic analyzer and pattern generator.

See Digilent Analog Discovery/Info for more details (such as lsusb -vvv output and FPGA I/O map) about the device.


PCB top side

PCB bottom side

  • AD9717BCPZ 14-bit 125MSa/s DAC
  • AD5645R Quad 14-bit DAC with I2C interface
  • AD8058ARM 325 MHz amplifier (marking H8A)
  • 2x AD4051-2 OpAmp (marking A2M)
  • AD5623R Dual 12-bit DAC (marking D81)
  • AD8591 OpAmp 250mA output current (marking AQA)
  • 2x ADM1177-1 Hot swap controller (marking M5Y)




See libsigrok-ad project for the current effort.

Contact bvanheu at gmail dot com if you want to help.