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Z80 decoder example.png
Name Z80
Description Zilog Z80 microprocessor disassembly
Status supported
License GPLv3+
Source code decoders/z80
Input logic
Output z80
Probes D0–D7, /M1, /RD, /WR
Optional probes /MREQ, /IORQ, A0–A15

The z80 protocol decoder disassembles the instruction stream of a Zilog Z80 microprocessor.


KC 85/4

The z80/kc85 directory in sigrok-dumps contains a set of example bus captures of the Z80-based KC 85/4 computer.

The logic analyzer used was a Sysclk LWLA1034.


The data bus lines plus the control signals /M1, /RD and /WR are sufficient to display full disassembly. Optionally, the address bus lines and the control signals /MREQ and /IORQ may also be provided.