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Status planned
Counts 60000
IEC 61010-1 CAT IV (600V) / CAT III (1000V)
Connectivity UT-D09 (USB) / UT-D07A (BLE)
Measurements voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diode, continuity, temperature
Features autorange, true-rms, data hold, min/max/avg, peak, relative, bargraph, backlight, logging
Website uni-trend.com

The UNI-T UT181A is a logging digital multimeter with PC connectivity. See UT-D09 and UT-D07A for typical cables. Users need to enable communication in the meter's menu system before starting the application (SETUP -> Communication -> ON).

Protocol and usage

Currently there is no sigrok driver for the UT181A device. An external MIT licensed project which was written in the Rust programming language also contains a description of the protocol, see the Resources section below. This will be useful in the creation of a sigrok driver.

The choice of a serial cable and the meter's specific protocol are independent from each other. A WorkInProgress driver was used with the UT-D09 cable like this:

 $ sigrok-cli --list-serial
 $ sigrok-cli -d uni-t-ut181a:conn=hid/cp2110/raw=/dev/hidraw0 --samples 10