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R0ket nokia 1200 probing.jpg
Name Philips PCF8814 (LCD)
Status planned
License GPLv2+
Source code decoders/pcf8814_lcd
Input pcf8814
Output pcf8814_lcd

The pcf8814_lcd protocol decoder supports Philips PCF8814 (65 x 96 pixels matrix LCD driver) based displays.


rOket Nokia 1200 display

The display/nokia_1200/r0ket directory in sigrok-dumps contains a set of example captures of the protocol of a Nokia 1200 cell phone display.

The display is a monochrome LCD with 96x68 pixels. It uses the Philips PCF8814 "65 x 96 pixels matrix LCD driver".

The display is attached to the r0ket eval board / conference badge. It is controlled from the NXP LPC1343 ARM controller on that board.

The logic analyzer used was a Saleae Logic (at 16MHz).

Probe setup:

Probe LPC1343 chip
1 (black) CS# (PIO2_1 / DSR)
2 (brown) SCK (PIO2_11 / SCK0)
3 (red) SDA (PIO0_9 / MOSI0)
4 (orange) RST# (PIO2_2 / DCD#)



TODO: Detailed protocol description.