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Name IEEE-488
Description IEEE-488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB/HPIB or IEC).
Status supported
License GPLv2+
Source code decoders/ieee488
Input logic
Output ieee488
Probes DIO1/DATA
Optional probes DIO2-DIO8, EOI, DAV, NRFD, NDAC, IFC, SRQ, ATN, REN, CLK
Options iec_periph

The ieee488 protocol decoder can decode either the parallel GPIB/HPIB bus (8 data and up to 8 control lines) or the serial IEC variant (clock and data, one line each).

While the internal implementation of the decoder marks most input signals as optional (to cover both serial and parallel variants), in practice some of the optional lines are essential for proper operation and just don't apply to the other main variant. For serial communication, DATA and CLK as well as ATN are required. For parallel communication DIO1 to DIO8 as well as DAV and ATN are required, and EOI is rather useful and shall get provided.


  • iec_periph, boolean yes/no: Whether to decode Commodore IEC bus peripherals details (disk drives).

Example interactive use

$ pulseview -i keithley2015/


Example command line use

$ PD_PINS="dio1=DIO1:dio2=DIO2:dio3=DIO3:dio4=DIO4:dio5=DIO5:dio6=DIO6:dio7=DIO7:dio8=DIO8:eoi=EOI:dav=DAV:nrfd=NRFD:ndac=NDAC:ifc=IFC:srq=SRQ:atn=ATN:ren=REN"
$ sigrok-cli -i keithley2015/ -P ieee488:$PD_PINS -A ieee488=texts
ieee488-1: *idn?[CR][LF]
ieee488-1: KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC.,MODEL 2015,0993190,B15  /A02  [LF]