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Aosong dht11 top.jpg
Name AM230x/DHTxx/RHTxx
Description Aosong AM230x/DHTxx/RHTxx humidity/temperature sensor protocol
Status supported
License GPLv2+
Source code decoders/am230x
Input logic
Output am230x
Probes SDA
Optional probes
Options device

The am230x protocol decoder decodes the Aosong AM230x/DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor single-wire protocol.


See the am230x directory for example capture files.


Model Microcontroller Temperature Humidity Datasheet
Aosong AM2301 Unknown SOIC-10 ? ? PDF
Aosong AM2302 ST STM8S103F3 (8S103F3P6), SOIC-20 analog analog PDF
Aosong AM2303 ST STM8S103F3 (8S103F3P6), SOIC-20 Dallas DS18B20 analog PDF
Aosong AM2305 ? ? ? PDF
Aosong AM2306 ? ? ? PDF
Aosong AM2320 ? ? ? ?
Aosong AM2321 ? ? ? ?
Aosong AM2322 ? ? ? ?
Aosong DHT11 Unknown SOIC-14 analog analog PDF
RTH03 ? ? ?

These parts are often renamed or rebadged.

Aosong AM2301

Aosong AM2302

Aosong AM2303

Aosong DHT11


A custom single-wire protocol (not to be confused with the Dallas 1-Wire protocol!) is used to get the measured values from the sensor.

The actual payload consists of a humidity value, a temperature value, and a checksum.