Philips PM2800 series

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Philips PM2800 series
Philips PM2813.png
Status supported
Source code scpi-pps
Channels 1-3
Connectivity GPIB

The Philips PM2800 are a series of programmable power supplies with 1-3 output channels and GPIB connectivity. Each channel contains 1 of 6 available modules:

Voltage Current Power Type
30V 10A 60W autoranging
60V 5A 60W autoranging
60V 10A 120W autoranging
8V ±15A 120W linear
60V ±2A 120W linear
120V ±1A 120W linear

The autoranging modules go in chassis models 2811/2812/2813 (last digit is number of modules), linear in models 2831/2832.

These power supplies have also been sold under the Fluke brand.