PeakTech 4390A

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PeakTech 4390A
Peaktech 4390a metex m-3860m mugshot.png
Status supported
Source code serial-dmm
Counts 4000
IEC 61010-1
Connectivity RS232
Measurements voltage, current, frequency, hFE, logic, continuity, diode, resistance, temperature, capacitance, power
Features true-rms, signal-out, 3 sub-displays, backlight, bargraph, auto hold, data hold, range hold, min/max, relative offset, comparision, 10 reading memory

The PeakTech 4390A is a 4000 counts handheld digital multimeter with RS232 connectivity.

This is a rebadged Metex M-3860M multimeter.

Note: This is not the same device as the PeakTech 4390, despite the very similar name.


Main ICs:

Miscellaneous ICs:

  • Serial EEPROM: Atmel AT93C46 (datasheet) (markings: ATMEL 348 / 93C46)
  • Optocoupler for RS232: 2x Lite-On 817B (datasheet) (markings: L0419 / 817B / Y)
  • OpAmp: 2x 2904 (datasheet) (markings: 2904 / 4169B / JRC)
  • Low Offset Voltage OpAmp: OP-07 (datasheet) (markings: OP-07 / 4051B / JRC)
  • OpAmp: NJM062/TL062 (datasheet) (markings: 062 / 3138B / JRC)
  • Quad 2-Input NAND Gate: ON Semi 74HC00A (datasheet) (markings: HC00A / ON PBK340)
  • Quad Multiplexer: ON Semi 14066B (datasheet) (markings: 14066B / ON PPM426)
  • 555 Timer: Intersil ICM7555 (datasheet) (markings: i 7555 / IBA / L044FCL)
  • Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger: 74HC132D (datasheet)
  • Dual Decade Ripple Counter: 74HC390D (datasheet)


  • 250V, 15A (N65)
  • 250V, 800mA



RS232 cable:

See Device_cables#Metex_5-pin_RS232_cable (Version 2).


See Multimeter_ICs#Metex_14-byte_ASCII.

The device sends 4 * 14 bytes. The first 14 bytes represents the main display and then the three sub displays from left to right (left, middle, right).