Loto OSCxxx series

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Loto OSCxxx series
Status planned
Channels 2 analog (all models) + trigger
Samplerate 50-200 MSa/s (by channel in dual channel)
Samplerate (eq. time) 0.2-1 GSa/s (dual channel combined or single channel)
Analog bandwidth 20-50 MHz (depending on model)
Vertical resolution 8bits
Triggers edge, pulse width, slope, video, alternate
Input impedance 1MΩ‖25pF±5pF
Memory 64Kpts (by channel, 128K total)
Connectivity USB host and device
Features math: + / — / x / FFT / Digital decoder
Website rockemb.com

The Loto OSCxxx series are compact and portable digital storage oscilloscopes, produced by Rocktech.


Model Bandwidth (MHz) Sample Rate (MS/s by ch) USB VID/PID Notes
Loto OSCH02 100 250 0x8312:0x8a2a Rel. 2020 (250MSa just CH-A)
Loto OSC2002 50 200 0x8312:0x8801 2018-2019 edition
Loto OSCA02 35 100 0x8312:0x8a02
Loto OSC802 25 80 0x8312:0x8312
Loto OSC482 20 50 0x8102:0x8102
Loto BM102 20 50 0x8102:0x8102 out of production
Loto OSCE02 50 200 0x8312:0x8101



Commands sent via Control Transfer to EP0. Samples buffer available on Bulk EP. List of commands (provisional):

Request Type Request Value Index Data Description
0x80 0x33 0x00 0x00 1 byte Start acquisition.
0x80 0x50 0x00 0x00 1 byte Check if acquisition buffer is ready. Write 0x21 in the data byte if ready.
0x80 0x94 value 0x00 1 byte Set sampling rate with value[0-3] and AC/DC for Channel 1 with value[4].

Rate values: 80MSa/s (B0000), 10MSa/s (B1000), 625KSa/s (B1100)

value[4] = 1 -> DC coupling, value[4] = 0 -> AC coupling

0x80 0x22 0x23 0x24 value 0x00 1 byte Set Channel 1 and Channel 2 voltage. Set AC/DC for Channel 2.
0x80 0xE7 value 0x00 1 byte Enable (value=1) or disable (value=0) hardware trigger on Channel 1.
0x80 0xC5 value 0x00 1 byte Set trigger slope up (value=1) or down (value=0).
0x80 0x16 value 0x00 1 byte Set trigger level (value=0-255).