LeCroy oscilloscope series

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LeCroy oscilloscope series
LeCroy WaveSurfer 24Xs-A front.png
Status supported
Source code lecroy-xstream
Website Teledyne LeCroy

LeCroy sells everything from entry-level to very high-end oscilloscopes, making use of own designs as well as contract manufacturers such as Iwatsu and Siglent. One feature that's common to all of those models is the support for LeCroy's waveform template, a data format used to retrieve waveform data using GPIB/SCPI commands. For this reason, this page isn't about a single oscilloscope in particular but all scopes belonging to the X-Stream family.


Virtually all devices listed on http://teledynelecroy.com/oscilloscope/ should work (except for the 8-channel, 10-bit and 12-bit models).

Family Manufacturer OS Bandwidth Connectivity Tested?
WaveAce 1000 Atten ? 40 - 100 MHz USB No
WaveAce 2000 Siglent ? 70 - 300 MHz USB No
WaveJet 300 Iwatsu ? 350 - 500 MHz USB No
WaveSurfer 10 ? Windows 1 GHz LAN No
WaveSurfer 400 Iwatsu Windows 200 - 500 MHz LAN No
WaveSurfer 3000 Siglent Windows Embedded 200 - 750 MHz USB, LAN, GPIB No
WaveSurfer (M)Xs Iwatsu Windows XP 200 MHz - 1 GHz LAN Yes
WaveRunner 6 Zi ? Windows 7 400 MHz - 4 GHz USB, LAN No
WaveRunner 6000 Iwatsu Windows 2000 350 MHz - 2 GHz LAN No
WaveRunner 8000 ? Windows 500 MHz - 4 GHz LAN No
WaveRunner (M)Xi Iwatsu Windows XP 400 MHz - 2 GHz LAN Yes

The digital channels aren't supported yet.


The protocol is based on SCPI commands and there is a USB-GPIB converter available which you can use on all Windows-based models.