Kecheng KC-330B

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Kecheng KC-330B
Kecheng KC-330B.png
Status supported
Source code kecheng-kc-330b
Connectivity USB
Measurement range (A) 30dB - 130dB
Resolution 0.1dB
Accuracy (94dB@1kHz) 1.5dB
Frequency weighting A, C
Time weighting F, S

The Kecheng KC-330B is a sound level meter and data logger with USB connectivity.

See Kecheng KC-330B/Info for more details (such as lsusb -vvv output) about the device.




The host sends commands to the device via endpoint 2, and receives responses via endpoint 1. A command consists of a single byte, with the MSB (bit 7) cleared, followed by any arguments to the command. The response from the device consists of at least one byte: the command, with the MSB set.

Command Response Description
0x01 0x81 Configure device, 6 bytes payload:
1 Sample interval 0-6, representing 125ms, 500ms, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 60s respectively.
2 Alarm low threshold
3 Alarm high threshold
4 Time weighting: 0=Fast, 1=Slow
5 Frequency weighting: 0=dBA, 1=dBC
6 Data source: 0=memory, 1=real time
0x02 0x82 Identify, response payload is length byte + device model (ASCII)
0x03 0x83 Set date and time, 6 bytes payload:
1 Last two digits of year, e.g. 0x0d for 2013
2 Month, 1-12
3 Day of month, 1-31
4 Hours
5 Minutes
6 Seconds
0x04 Check device status
0x84 Device is activated, i.e. logging to memory or live to PC ("log" on the display).
0xa4 Device is deactivated ("con" or "---" on the display).
0x05 0x85 Get stored measurement info, response has 8 bytes payload:
1-6 Configuration settings of acquired data, same format as 0x01 command (except 0x11...)
7-8 Big-endian integer representing the number of stored measurements (32000 is the maximum).
0x06 0x86 Get stored start date/time. Response has 6 bytes payload, same format as 0x03 command.
0x07 0x87 Get stored measurements, 3 bytes payload:
1-2 Big-endian integer representing the sample offset, in blocks of 63 samples.
3 Number of samples to send. This is always the maximum, 0x3f, until the last chunk.
0x08 0x88 Get live measurement, response has 2 bytes payload: big-endian integer representing the dB value X 10