Hantek DSO3254A

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Hantek DSO3254A
Status planned
Channels 4 analog, 16 digital
Samplerate 250MHz
Samplerate (state)
Triggers edge, pulse, video, slope, timeout, external
Min/max voltage -0.5V — 400V
Memory 128M
Compression none
Website hantek.com

The Hantek DSO3254A is a USB-based signal acquisition device. It has 4 analog channels with 250MHz bandwidth and sampling rate of 1GSa/s. It comes with 16 channel logic analyzer with a maximum sampling rate of 250MHz and an arbritary waveform generator 200MSa/s.

See Hantek DSO3254A/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.


  • S3C2416XH-40 System Controller (400 MHz ARM926EJ with 48 MHz and 12 MHz oscillators with 32.768 kHz RTC oscillator)
  • D9SBJ System Memory (MT47H32M16NF-25E - 400 MHz 32MB x 16 DDR2-800)
  • D9RZH Acquisition Memory (MT47H64M16NF-25E - 400 MHz 64MB x 16 DDR2-800)
  • K9F1G08U0E 128MB x 8 NAND Flash
  • 24L64 I2C EEPROM
  • DM9000AEP LAN Controller
  • USB Wi-Fi Module (optional)
  • USB Hub (optional)
  • XC6SLX16FTG256 Control FPGA (under heatsink - has JTAG)
  • 1 GSPS 8-bit Quad ADC (under heatsink - Analog Devices?)
  • ADF4905 Timebase Generator PLL (with 10 MHz reference oscillator)
  • LTC2601 x2 (?) 12 Bit Offset DAC
  • DAC902E 165 MSPS 12 Bit Waveform Generator DAC
  • 74HC595 Channel Relay Switching (1 per channel)
  • 74HC595 Offset Voltage Switching
  • 74HC595 Trigger Source Selection
  • 74HC4051 Offset Voltage Switching