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This is an alphabetically ordered table of various function generators with PC connectivity via USB, RS232, GPIB, Ethernet, and so on. We do not list devices without PC connectivity, as those are not really useful for sigrok.

This page lists commercial and non-commercial devices with a short overview of their capabilities. We list all kinds of devices here, not only those supported by sigrok.

You should not use the information here as the sole source for any buying decisions, this is just meant for informational purposes. Please carefully check the vendor websites if you intend to buy any hardware.

Device Type Max. freq. (sine/square) Channels PC interface PC interface chip PC protocol Architecture/chip Resources Price
ATTEN ATF20B standalone ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Feeltech FY3224S standalone 24MHz/6MHz 2 USB CH340G ASCII proprietary Altera Cyclone EP1C3 €46
Hantek DDS-3X25 PC-based
Hantek DDS-3005 PC-based
PeakTech 4055 standalone ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Rigol DG1022 standalone 20MHz/5MHz 2 USBTMC SCPI(-like) 1 €310
Rigol DG1022A standalone 25MHz/5MHz 2
Rigol DG2041A standalone 40MHz/40MHz 1
Siglent SDG1005 standalone 5MHz/5MHz 2 USB1 ? SCPI(-like) ?
Siglent SDG1010 standalone 10MHz/10MHz 2 USB1 ? SCPI(-like) ? 1 219€
Siglent SDG1020 standalone 20MHz/20MHz 2 USB1 ? SCPI(-like) ?
Siglent SDG1025 standalone 25MHz/25MHz 2 USB1 ? SCPI(-like) ?
Siglent SDG1050 standalone 50MHz/25MHz 2 USB1 ? SCPI(-like) ?

1 Optionally, GPIB or Ethernet is also available apparently.