BK Precision 879B

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BK Precision 879B

BK Precision 879B
Status planned
Counts 40000
Connectivity USB (VCP)
Measurements inductance, capacitance, resistance,
Features phase angle, dissipation factor, quality factor, min/max/avg, tolerance, dual display
Website bkprecision.com

The BK Precision 879B is a 40000 count (10000 for the secondary display) 0.5% handheld LCR meter with USB connectivity (VCP). It looks similar to the Escort design which other devices are based on, but really is a new design by BK Precision. The serial interface communicates SCPI commands over UART.

The 879B is currently not supported by mainline sigrok. Ideally there'd be a scpi-lcr driver if the command set is found to be of general nature, and not specific to this very device.