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This is an alphabetically ordered table of various anemometers, i.e. devices measuring wind speed, which can log data to your PC via USB, RS232, and so on. We do not list devices without PC logging functionality, as those are not really useful for sigrok.

This page lists commercial and non-commercial devices with a short overview of their capabilities. We list all kinds of devices here, not only those supported by sigrok.

You should not use the information here as the sole source for any buying decisions, this is just meant for informational purposes. Please carefully check the vendor websites if you intend to buy any hardware.

Device Form factor Technology Measured quantities Interface Interface IC Protocol Architecture/IC Resources Price
Amprobe TMA10A handheld windmill wind speed, wind flow RS232 1 2 $179
EXTECH 407123 handheld hot wire wind speed, temperature RS232 €312
MASTECH MS6252B handheld windmill wind speed, temperature, humidity USB/serial SiLabs CP2102 13-byte binary, 9600/8n1 TI MSP430F135 ? €61.99
PCE A1-SDI handheld separate sensors wind speed, temperature, humidity Bluetooth ? ? ? ? £284.-
PCE PCE-423 handheld hot wire wind speed, temperature USB ? ? ? ? €152.32
PCE PCE-FWS 20 standalone cup wind direction/speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure, rain, ... USB ? ? ? ? €101.15
PCE PKT-5060 handheld windmill wind speed, temperature (IR) USB ? ? ? ? €171.36