Agilent DSO1000 series

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Agilent DSO1000 series
Agilent DSO1014A.png
Status supported
Source code rigol-ds
Channels 2-4 (depending on model)
Samplerate 2GSa/s (2ch), 1GSa/s (4ch)
Samplerate (eq. time) ?
Analog bandwidth 60-200MHz (depending on model)
Vertical resolution 8bits
Triggers edge, pulse width, bit pattern, composite video, alternate
Input impedance 1MΩ‖18pF 300 V RMS CAT I
Memory 20kpts (2ch), 10kpts (4ch)
Display 5.7" QVGA (320x240)
Connectivity USB host/device

The Agilent DSO1000 series are 2-4 channel oscilloscopes with 2GSa/s sampling rate, analog bandwidth of 60-200MHz and USB connectivity.

The underlying hardware and firmware is very clearly (and in places hastily) rebadged from the Rigol DS2000 series.


Model Bandwidth Channels
DSO1002A 60MHz 2
DSO1004A 60MHz 4
DSO1012A 100MHz 2
DSO1014A 100MHz 4
DSO1022A 200MHz 2
DSO1024A 200MHz 4