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Hardware support

  • Clean up device-specific globals in hardware drivers, to properly permit multiple devices per driver: fx2lafw, zeroplus-logic-cube, others(?)
  • Chronovu LA8/LA16 driver: support multiple devices properly (currently only one is supported).

Input modules

  • Add OLS input module support.
  • Add gnuplot input module support (Uwe Hermann).


  • Check all public API calls to see whether they need an sr_context parameter.
  • sr_errno:
    • Most functions should return SR_OK or SR_ERR_* (same for SRD_OK etc).
    • Most backend functions return status as an integer, which is SR_OK if all went well, or SR_ERR_* if an error occurred.
    • However, there is no way to pass any information back as to what went wrong — and this is important for user-friendliness.
    • Perhaps an error code is not enough; maybe something like sigrok_errno(errorcode, "unsupported device") is better.
  • Support specifying the firmware directory at runtime.


Major features

  • Add high-precision timer to runtc
  • Add annotation mime types
  • Add annotation metadata (type/value/unit) to allow clients to format the value as the user desires (ASCII/dec/hex/bin/whatever)


  • Test/implement support for multiple outputs of one PD, and stacking different additional PDs on those outputs.
  • Test/implement multiple inputs support.
  • Python exception handling in libsrd: add full traceback support with srd_dbg().



  • Analog sampling: 1-channel, 2-channel, voltage meter
  • Trigger pin
  • Clock input
  • Clock output
  • Frequency/pulse counter
  • Signal generator
  • Fix power consumption during enumeration.
    • Non-LP FX2's consume more than 100mA during enumeration. This is outside of the USB specification
    • Official workaround is to enumerate first as full-speed, then as high-speed. This is overkill for sigrok.
    • Investigate putting the CPU to sleep (except for processing interrupts) until enumerated.


  • Deduplicate property setting functionality between SamplingBar and DeviceOptions - make SamplingBar a properties container
  • Analog interpolation (cosine? sinc? some kind of interpolation filter?)
  • Signal overview
  • Transition coding


  • Make the list of measurements look nicer without using too much additional space.
  • Add graphs.
    • PyQtGraph looks like a nice graphing library.
      • Works with PyQt and PySide.
      • Pure python, easy to install.
      • Few dependencies: scipy is not required any more in the upcoming version 0.9.9, numpy is already a dependency of the python bindings.
      • From looking at the examples, it seems more than fast enough for our requirements.
    • Pass all samples (not only the most recent one) to the GUI thread and store them there.
      • The packet payload object is currently not thread save.