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sigrok-meter (multiple devices)

sigrok-meter is a special-purpose GUI for libsigrok (written in Python 2/3, using Qt and the libsigrok Python bindings) which supports certain classes of test & measurement devices that usually provide slowly-updating measurement values, such as multimeters (DMMs) or dataloggers.

It does specifically not support logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, and mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs). See Pulseview for this use case.

It is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 3 or later.

NOTE: sigrok-meter is work in progress and is not yet suitable for everyday use!

Consider SmuView which is under active development and has more features.


There have been no official tarball releases, yet.

Distro packagers should not package this, yet.


  • git
  • Python (2 or 3)
  • PyQt4 or PySide (both need at least the QtCore and QtGui components)
  • PyQtGraph
  • libsigrok >= 0.4.0 (including the Python bindings)

Fedora (22)

$ sudo dnf install python-pyside python[2|3]-pyqtgraph

Getting the code

$ git clone git://

You can also browse the source code via gitweb.

Screen captures

Sigrok-meter-multi-dmm-multi-channel.png multiple meters, multiple channels

Sigrok-meter-multi-dmm-zoom-colour.png zoom in, colours shown (fewer dots plotted)