LeCroy oscilloscope series

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LeCroy Oscilloscopes
Status supported
Source code lecroy-xstream
Website Teledyne LeCroy

LeCroy sells everything from entry-level to very high-end oscilloscopes, making use of own designs as well as contract manufacturers. For this reason, this page isn't about a single oscilloscope in particular but all scopes belonging to the X-Stream family.


Virtually all devices listed on http://teledynelecroy.com/oscilloscope/ are supported (except for the 8-channel, 10-bit and 12-bit models).



Except for the entry-level and some mid-range models, the oscilloscopes are PC-based and run Windows, connecting is possible via LXI using ethernet or localhost. The protocol is based on SCPI commands. Some entry models can be connected via USBTMC or RS232 but we can't verify their compatibility since we don't have access to those.