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== Hardware ==
== Hardware ==
* [[Multimeter_ICs#Cyrustek_ES51978|Cyrustek ES51978]] multimeter chip
* '''Multimeter IC''': [[Multimeter_ICs#Cyrustek_ES51978|Cyrustek ES51978]]
* '''Crystal''': 4MHz
== Photos ==
== Photos ==

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Idm103n 01 front.png
Status supported
Source code serial-dmm
Counts 4000
IEC 61010-1 CAT II (1000V) / CAT III (600V)
Connectivity RS232
Measurements voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, rpm, diode, continuity
Features autorange, data hold, bargraph, backlight
Website iso-tech.com.cn

The ISO-TECH IDM103N is a 4000 counts, CAT II (1000V) / CAT III (600V) handheld digital multimeter with RS232 connectivity.




See Multimeter_ICs#Cyrustek ES51978 for the DMM IC protocol.

The transmission of the measurement data is disabled by default. The respective Cyrustek ES51978 pin (45, RS232) is hooked to an IR phototransitor so an IR LED has to be turned on in front of it to enable RS232 output. Pressing any button on any TV remote in front of it is enough to turn on the measurement transmission.