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This page describes how you can use sigrok on Android devices.


PulseView running on a 7" ARM Android tablet (800x400):

Nightly APK builds

You can download and install the experimental PulseView nightly build APK:

The APK ships PulseView for Android including all required libraries, protocol decoders, and so on.

Firmware files

In order for libsigrok/PulseView to be able to find firmware files for certain devices, you have to copy them to the following location:


Please check libsigrok's README.devices file or the respective wiki page to find out whether your device needs firmware files.


Please check the list of known Android related issues. If you have specific issues which are not listed yet, please open a bug report and attach the relevant information, e.g. which device you used, which architecture (ARM/x86/MIPS/etc), the relevant parts of the adb log, and so on.

Building from source

You can also build various sigrok components from source. The nightly APK (see above) is built using the sigrok-cross-android script from our sigrok-util repository. You can use that script to build your own APK locally (and/or modify it if you want).

$ git clone git://
$ cd sigrok-util/cross-compile/android

The following invocation will install the required Android NDK, SDK, and toolchains into $HOME/android (per default). Please check the README and modify the sigrok-cross-android script to your needs.

$ ./sigrok-cross-android prepare

Then, in order to build the APK, you can run:

$ ./sigrok-cross-android

The file build/pulseview/android/bin/PulseView-debug.apk is the APK that you can install on your Android device.

Manual testing

Create a temporary folder where you can store and execute files on your Android device.

$ adb shell
$ mkdir /data/local/tmp/sigrok
$ exit

Copy libraries to your device:

$ cd ~/sr_android/lib
$ ls *.so* | while read l; do adb push $l /data/local/tmp/sigrok; done

Copy sigrok-cli to the device:

$ cd ~/sr_android/bin
$ adb push sigrok-cli /data/local/tmp/sigrok

Test if sigrok-cli is working as expected:

$ adb shell
$ cd /data/local/tmp/sigrok
$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/data/local/tmp/sigrok
$ ./sigrok-cli --scan