jtag_stm32: Add a few test-cases.
authorUwe Hermann <uwe@hermann-uwe.de>
Tue, 1 Sep 2015 22:56:08 +0000 (00:56 +0200)
committerUwe Hermann <uwe@hermann-uwe.de>
Thu, 3 Sep 2015 14:15:08 +0000 (16:15 +0200)
decoder/test/jtag_stm32/olimex_stm32-h103_idle.output [new file with mode: 0644]
decoder/test/jtag_stm32/olimex_stm32-h103_irscan_drscan.output [new file with mode: 0644]
decoder/test/jtag_stm32/test.conf [new file with mode: 0644]

diff --git a/decoder/test/jtag_stm32/olimex_stm32-h103_idle.output b/decoder/test/jtag_stm32/olimex_stm32-h103_idle.output
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..407cdef
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,348 @@
+304507-304524 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+304491-304507 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+304486-304491 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+304486-304524 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+304544-304691 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+304544-304691 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+304770-304787 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+304754-304770 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+304749-304754 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+304749-304787 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+304808-304954 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+304808-304954 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+712587-712604 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+712571-712587 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+712566-712571 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+712566-712604 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+712625-712771 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+712625-712771 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+712850-712867 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+712834-712850 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+712829-712834 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+712829-712867 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+712888-713034 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+712888-713034 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+1120821-1120837 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+1120805-1120821 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+1120800-1120805 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+1120800-1120837 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+1120858-1121005 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+1120858-1121005 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+1121084-1121100 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+1121068-1121084 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+1121063-1121068 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+1121063-1121100 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+1121121-1121268 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+1121121-1121268 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+1529180-1529196 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+1529164-1529180 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+1529159-1529164 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+1529159-1529196 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+1529217-1529364 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+1529217-1529364 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+1529443-1529460 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+1529427-1529443 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+1529422-1529427 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+1529422-1529460 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+1529480-1529627 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+1529480-1529627 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+1937613-1937630 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+1937597-1937613 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+1937592-1937597 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+1937592-1937630 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+1937650-1937797 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+1937650-1937797 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+1937876-1937893 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+1937860-1937876 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+1937855-1937860 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+1937855-1937893 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+1937913-1938060 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+1937913-1938060 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+2345709-2345726 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+2345693-2345709 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+2345688-2345693 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+2345688-2345726 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+2345746-2345893 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+2345746-2345893 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+2345972-2345989 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+2345956-2345972 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+2345951-2345956 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+2345951-2345989 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+2346009-2346156 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+2346009-2346156 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+2748362-2748379 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+2748346-2748362 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+2748341-2748346 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+2748341-2748379 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+2748399-2748546 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+2748399-2748546 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+2748625-2748642 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+2748609-2748625 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+2748604-2748609 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+2748604-2748642 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+2748662-2748809 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+2748662-2748809 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+3158018-3158035 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+3158002-3158018 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+3157997-3158002 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+3157997-3158035 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+3158056-3158202 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+3158056-3158202 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+3158281-3158298 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+3158265-3158281 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+3158260-3158265 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+3158260-3158298 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+3158319-3158465 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+3158319-3158465 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+3560492-3560509 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+3560476-3560492 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+3560471-3560476 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+3560471-3560509 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+3560529-3560676 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+3560529-3560676 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+3560755-3560772 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+3560739-3560755 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+3560734-3560739 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+3560734-3560772 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+3560792-3560939 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+3560792-3560939 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+3969949-3969966 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+3969933-3969949 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+3969928-3969933 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+3969928-3969966 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+3969986-3970133 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+3969986-3970133 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+3970212-3970229 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+3970196-3970212 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+3970191-3970196 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+3970191-3970229 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+3970249-3970396 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+3970249-3970396 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+4378593-4378610 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+4378577-4378593 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+4378573-4378577 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+4378573-4378610 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+4378631-4378778 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+4378631-4378778 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+4378857-4378873 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+4378841-4378857 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+4378836-4378841 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+4378836-4378873 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+4378894-4379041 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+4378894-4379041 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+4786637-4786654 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+4786621-4786637 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+4786616-4786621 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+4786616-4786654 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+4786674-4786821 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+4786674-4786821 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+4786900-4786917 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+4786884-4786900 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+4786879-4786884 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+4786879-4786917 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+4786937-4787084 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+4786937-4787084 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+5189487-5189504 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+5189471-5189487 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+5189466-5189471 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+5189466-5189504 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+5189524-5189671 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+5189524-5189671 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+5189750-5189767 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+5189734-5189750 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+5189729-5189734 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+5189729-5189767 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+5189788-5189934 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+5189788-5189934 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+5599522-5599539 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+5599506-5599522 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+5599501-5599506 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+5599501-5599539 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+5599559-5599706 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+5599559-5599706 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+5599785-5599802 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+5599769-5599785 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+5599764-5599769 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+5599764-5599802 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+5599822-5599969 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+5599822-5599969 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+6007526-6007543 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+6007510-6007526 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+6007505-6007510 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+6007505-6007543 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+6007563-6007710 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+6007563-6007710 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+6007789-6007806 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+6007773-6007789 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+6007768-6007773 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+6007768-6007806 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+6007826-6007973 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+6007826-6007973 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+6415613-6415630 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+6415597-6415613 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+6415592-6415597 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+6415592-6415630 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+6415650-6415797 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+6415650-6415797 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+6415876-6415893 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+6415860-6415876 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+6415855-6415860 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+6415855-6415893 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+6415913-6416060 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+6415913-6416060 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+6823997-6824014 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+6823981-6823997 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+6823976-6823981 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+6823976-6824014 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+6824034-6824181 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+6824034-6824181 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+6824260-6824277 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+6824244-6824260 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+6824239-6824244 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+6824239-6824277 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+6824298-6824444 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+6824298-6824444 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+7232172-7232189 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+7232156-7232172 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+7232151-7232156 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+7232151-7232189 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+7232210-7232356 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+7232210-7232356 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+7232435-7232452 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+7232419-7232435 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+7232414-7232419 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+7232414-7232452 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+7232473-7232619 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+7232473-7232619 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+7640239-7640256 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+7640223-7640239 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+7640218-7640223 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+7640218-7640256 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+7640277-7640423 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+7640277-7640423 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+7640502-7640519 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+7640486-7640502 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+7640481-7640486 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+7640481-7640519 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+7640540-7640686 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+7640540-7640686 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+8047998-8048015 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+8047982-8047998 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+8047977-8047982 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+8047977-8048015 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+8048035-8048182 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+8048035-8048182 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+8048261-8048278 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+8048245-8048261 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+8048240-8048245 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+8048240-8048278 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+8048298-8048445 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+8048298-8048445 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+8456327-8456344 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+8456311-8456327 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+8456306-8456311 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+8456306-8456344 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+8456364-8456511 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+8456364-8456511 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+8456590-8456607 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+8456574-8456590 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+8456569-8456574 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+8456569-8456607 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+8456628-8456774 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+8456628-8456774 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+8861222-8861239 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+8861206-8861222 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+8861201-8861206 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+8861201-8861239 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+8861259-8861406 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+8861259-8861406 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+8861485-8861502 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+8861469-8861485 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+8861464-8861469 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+8861464-8861502 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+8861523-8861669 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+8861523-8861669 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+9269091-9269108 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+9269075-9269091 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+9269070-9269075 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+9269070-9269108 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+9269128-9269275 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+9269128-9269275 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+9269354-9269371 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+9269338-9269354 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+9269333-9269338 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+9269333-9269371 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+9269392-9269538 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+9269392-9269538 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+9677275-9677291 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+9677259-9677275 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+9677254-9677259 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+9677254-9677291 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+9677312-9677459 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+9677312-9677459 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+9677538-9677554 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+9677522-9677538 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+9677517-9677522 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+9677517-9677554 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+9677575-9677722 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+9677575-9677722 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+10085755-10085772 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+10085739-10085755 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+10085734-10085739 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+10085734-10085772 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+10085792-10085939 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+10085792-10085939 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+10086018-10086035 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+10086002-10086018 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+10085997-10086002 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+10085997-10086035 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+10086055-10086202 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+10086055-10086202 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+10493812-10493828 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+10493796-10493812 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+10493791-10493796 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+10493791-10493828 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+10493849-10493996 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+10493849-10493996 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+10494075-10494091 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+10494059-10494075 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+10494054-10494059 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+10494054-10494091 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+10494112-10494259 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+10494112-10494259 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+10896350-10896366 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+10896334-10896350 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+10896329-10896334 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+10896329-10896366 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+10896387-10896534 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+10896387-10896534 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+10896613-10896630 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+10896597-10896613 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+10896592-10896597 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+10896592-10896630 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+10896650-10896797 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+10896650-10896797 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+11306145-11306162 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+11306129-11306145 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+11306124-11306129 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+11306124-11306162 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+11306182-11306329 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+11306182-11306329 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+11306408-11306425 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+11306392-11306408 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+11306387-11306392 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+11306387-11306425 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+11306445-11306592 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+11306445-11306592 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+11714091-11714107 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+11714075-11714091 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): APACC"
+11714070-11714075 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+11714070-11714107 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: APACC"
+11714128-11714275 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: 00, RnW: Read request"
+11714128-11714275 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x0, ACK: OK/FAULT"
+11714354-11714370 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+11714338-11714354 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): DPACC"
+11714333-11714338 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+11714333-11714370 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: DPACC"
+11714391-11714538 jtag_stm32: command: "New transaction: DATA: 0x0, A: DP RDBUFF, RnW: Read request"
+11714391-11714538 jtag_stm32: command: "Previous transaction result: DATA: 0x30003, ACK: OK/FAULT"
diff --git a/decoder/test/jtag_stm32/olimex_stm32-h103_irscan_drscan.output b/decoder/test/jtag_stm32/olimex_stm32-h103_irscan_drscan.output
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..2c8a201
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+4554209-4554225 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (BS TAP): BYPASS"
+4554193-4554209 jtag_stm32: field: "IR (M3 TAP): IDCODE"
+4554188-4554193 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+4554188-4554225 jtag_stm32: command: "IR: IDCODE"
+4554601-4554606 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved (BS TAP)" "BS" "B"
+4554606-4554610 jtag_stm32: field: "Reserved" "Res" "R"
+4554638-4554654 jtag_stm32: item: "Continuation code: 0x4" "CC" "C"
+4554610-4554638 jtag_stm32: item: "Identity code: 0x3b" "IC" "I"
+4554610-4554654 jtag_stm32: field: "Manufacturer: ARM Ltd." "Manuf" "M"
+4554654-4554718 jtag_stm32: field: "Part: JTAG-DP" "Part" "P"
+4554718-4554735 jtag_stm32: field: "Version: JTAG-DP" "Version" "V"
+4554606-4554735 jtag_stm32: command: "IDCODE: 0x3ba00477 (ARM Ltd.: JTAG-DP/JTAG-DP)"
diff --git a/decoder/test/jtag_stm32/test.conf b/decoder/test/jtag_stm32/test.conf
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..6af0db0
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+test olimex_stm32-h103_irscan_drscan
+       protocol-decoder jtag channel tdi=1 channel tdo=4 channel tck=3 channel tms=2
+       protocol-decoder jtag_stm32
+       stack jtag jtag_stm32
+       input jtag/olimex_stm32-h103/olimex_stm32-h103_irscan_drscan.sr
+       output jtag_stm32 annotation match olimex_stm32-h103_irscan_drscan.output
+test olimex_stm32-h103_idle
+       protocol-decoder jtag channel tdi=1 channel tdo=4 channel tck=3 channel tms=2
+       protocol-decoder jtag_stm32
+       stack jtag jtag_stm32
+       input jtag/olimex_stm32-h103/olimex_stm32-h103_idle.sr
+       output jtag_stm32 annotation match olimex_stm32-h103_idle.output