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descriptionExample signal/protocol dumps
last changeTue, 27 Feb 2024 19:28:31 +0000 (20:28 +0100)
2024-02-27 Simon Ruderichavr_isp: add dump for ATmega328/P master github/master
2022-10-02 Gerhard SittigREADME: discuss installation of example captures
2022-10-02 Gerhard SittigMakefile: use PREFIX in "make install", use DESTDIR...
2022-10-02 Gerhard SittigMakefile: explicitly list which example capture subdirs...
2021-12-21 Anton Blanchardlpc: Add capture from Intel H55 chipsset
2021-09-13 Anton Blanchardlpc: Add captures from IBM POWER9 processor
2021-06-16 Gerhard Sittigdoc: update IRC reference to Libera.Chat
2021-01-13 Ben Gardinerseven_segment: expand the alphabet and show unknown...
2020-11-11 Gerhard Sittigspi: commit SQI captures with four I/O data lines
2020-09-09 Gerhard Sittigds3231: add Maxim DS3231 real time clock example captures
2020-08-30 BenediktOdcc: Add captures for DCC model railway control
2020-08-30 Benedikt Ottomcp23017: Add dumps of the microchip mcp23017 i/o expander
2020-08-30 Benedikt Ottoir_nec: Add dumps for corner cases (timing tolerance...
2020-08-18 Gerhard Sittigsle44xx: extend the README for the SLE4442 captures
2020-08-18 Federico Ceruttisle44xx: add smart card dumps for the SLE4442 chip
2020-08-18 Helge Kruseavr_isp: Add dumps for program page, EEPROM, lock memor...
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