Automate protocol decoder installation.
authorBert Vermeulen <>
Wed, 27 Nov 2013 15:47:04 +0000 (16:47 +0100)
committerBert Vermeulen <>
Wed, 27 Nov 2013 15:47:04 +0000 (16:47 +0100)
Automate protocol decoder installation.

This automatically figures out the files to install for each protocol
decoder, without involving autotools.

All python files (filenames ending in .py) are always installed. If a
protocol decoder requires installation of a non-python file, a small
file called 'config' can be created in that protocol decoder's
directory, with the following content:

# comments are ok
extra-install vendorlist.txt commands.txt
38 files changed:
decoders/ [deleted file]
decoders/avr_isp/ [deleted file]
decoders/can/ [deleted file]
decoders/dcf77/ [deleted file]
decoders/ds1307/ [deleted file]
decoders/edid/ [deleted file]
decoders/guess_bitrate/ [deleted file]
decoders/i2c/ [deleted file]
decoders/i2cdemux/ [deleted file]
decoders/i2cfilter/ [deleted file]
decoders/i2s/ [deleted file]
decoders/i2s_dump/ [deleted file]
decoders/jtag/ [deleted file]
decoders/jtag_stm32/ [deleted file]
decoders/lm75/ [deleted file]
decoders/lpc/ [deleted file]
decoders/maxim_ds28ea00/ [deleted file]
decoders/midi/ [deleted file]
decoders/mlx90614/ [deleted file]
decoders/mx25lxx05d/ [deleted file]
decoders/mxc6225xu/ [deleted file]
decoders/nunchuk/ [deleted file]
decoders/onewire_link/ [deleted file]
decoders/onewire_network/ [deleted file]
decoders/pan1321/ [deleted file]
decoders/parallel/ [deleted file]
decoders/rtc8564/ [deleted file]
decoders/sdcard_spi/ [deleted file]
decoders/spi/ [deleted file]
decoders/tlc5620/ [deleted file]
decoders/transitioncounter/ [deleted file]
decoders/uart/ [deleted file]
decoders/uart_dump/ [deleted file]
decoders/usb_packet/ [deleted file]
decoders/usb_signalling/ [deleted file]
decoders/xfp/ [deleted file]
tools/install-decoders [new file with mode: 0755]