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Project Description Owner Last Change
fx2grok.git Tiny Open-Hardware FX2 LA root 18 months ago
libserialport.git Serial port access library root 13 days ago
libsigrok.git Hardware access and backend lib root 3 days ago
libsigrokdecode.git Protocol decoder lib root 10 days ago
pulseview.git Qt based LA/scope/MSO GUI root 4 days ago
sigrok-androidutils.git Android utilities for sigrok root 15 months ago
sigrok-cli.git Command line UI root 10 days ago
sigrok-dumps.git Example signal/protocol dumps root 3 days ago
sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw.git Firmware for FX2 logic analyzers root 2 months ago
sigrok-firmware.git Firmware for some hardware root 8 weeks ago
sigrok-meter.git Python DMM/datalogger GUI root 5 weeks ago
sigrok-test.git PD and in/out module tests root 6 weeks ago
sigrok-util.git Various sigrok related utilities root 5 hours ago