descriptionQt based LA/scope/MSO GUI
last changeWed, 7 Oct 2015 14:22:28 +0000 (16:22 +0200)
3 days ago Joel HoldsworthViewItemPaintParams: Fixed header guard master
3 days ago Joel HoldsworthRowItem: Corrected header guard
7 days ago Daniel Elstnerwindows: Install data files into share subdirectory
9 days ago Marcus Comstedtandroid: Include firmwares in the APK
9 days ago Marcus Comstedtandroid: Fix copylibs task to include the right libs
9 days ago Marcus Comstedtandroid: Don't include qtaccessiblewidgets plugin
9 days ago Daniel Elstnerandroid: Check for firmware in standard locations, too
12 days ago Daniel Elstnerandroid: Read firmware resources from assets
2015-09-13 Jonathan DahanSAMPLERATE is a guint64
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserRuler: Don't use a function that is only available...
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserRuler: Prevent ticks from disappearing at high zoom...
2015-09-04 Daniel ElstnerBuild: Substitute build configuration into NSIS script
2015-09-04 Daniel ElstnerBuild: Fix build with Qt 4 moc
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserViewItem: Adjust the threshold between dark and light...
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserViewport: Don't draw the cursors and markers antialiased
2015-09-04 Jens SteinhauserRuler: Don't draw the tick marks antialiased
17 months ago pulseview-0.2.0 pulseview 0.2.0 release
2 years ago pulseview-0.1.0 pulseview 0.1.0 release
3 days ago master
17 months ago pulseview-0.2.x