descriptionQt based LA/scope/MSO GUI
last changeThu, 18 Aug 2016 22:36:03 +0000 (00:36 +0200)
9 days ago Soeren ApelMainWindow: Prevent Qt from restoring the dock widgets master
9 days ago Soeren ApelRemove context menu for central MainWindow widget
9 days ago Soeren ApelFix signal connection for view::Signal and SignalBase...
9 days ago Soeren ApelMove view-independent data from view::DecodeTrace to...
9 days ago Soeren ApelMove signals to views and make Session handle multiple...
9 days ago Soeren ApelUse SignalBase instead of LogicSignal for decoders
9 days ago Soeren ApelRemove data_ also for LogicSignal and use SignalBase...
9 days ago Soeren ApelMove signal data to SignalBase and adjust view::AnalogS...
9 days ago Soeren ApelRename Trace::channel_ to Trace::base_, including depen...
9 days ago Soeren ApelIntroduce pv::data::SignalBase
11 days ago Soeren ApelFix #814 by using PNG application logo instead of SVG
11 days ago Soeren ApelMake view windows non-closeable
11 days ago Soeren ApelImplement MainWindow::add_view()
2016-07-24 Soeren ApelViewWidget: Define ViewTypes
2016-07-24 Soeren ApelIntroduce MainWindow::get_active_view()
2016-07-24 Soeren ApelUse a QDockWidget to contain the view
6 months ago pulseview-0.3.0 pulseview-0.3.0 release
2 years ago pulseview-0.2.0 pulseview 0.2.0 release
3 years ago pulseview-0.1.0 pulseview 0.1.0 release
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6 months ago pulseview-0.3.x
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