descriptionProtocol decoder lib
last changeSun, 26 Apr 2015 15:53:24 +0000 (17:53 +0200)
2015-04-26 Uwe Hermanntiming: Shorten annotations (time units). master
2015-04-26 Baruch EvenAdd a decoder that calculates timings between transitions.
2015-04-07 Uwe Hermannspiflash: Add and a 'chips' PD option.
2015-04-07 Uwe HermannRename the 'mx25lxx05d' PD to 'spiflash'.
2015-04-07 Uwe HermannFix a bunch of typos.
2015-04-07 Uwe Drop obsolete MinGW/MSYS items.
2015-04-03 Uwe Hermannonewire_link: Fix a bug when the samplerate is too...
2015-04-03 Uwe Use libtool's -no-undefined option.
2015-04-03 Andreas Sandbergspi: Don't decode data lines if CS isn't asserted
2015-04-02 Uwe HermannSlightly shorten a few PD descriptions.
2015-04-02 Petteri AimonenAdd a decoder for stepper motor direction/speed signals.
2015-04-02 Petteri AimonenFix a few decoding bugs with arm_etmv3.
2015-04-02 Matt Porterpwm: add period annotation
2015-03-31 Uwe HermannUse g_malloc*() consistently, simplify error handling.
2015-03-31 Uwe Hermannunit tests: Drop unneeded check_ filename prefix.
2015-03-25 Uwe Hermannmx25lxx05d: Implement FAST READ command.
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