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5 days ago Uwe Hermanninstance.c: s/probe/channel/. master
5 days ago Uwe HermannAll PDs: More consistent OUTPUT_PYTHON format docs.
5 days ago Uwe Hermannsdcard_spi: Avoid duplicate keys in a Python dict.
5 days ago Uwe HermannAll PDs: Bump api_version to 2.
5 days ago Uwe HermannAll PDs: Drop some unneeded comments.
5 days ago Uwe Hermannnunchuk: Fix PD to become usable in GUIs.
6 days ago Bert Vermeulendebug: Log unitsize when configuring channel map.
7 days ago Uwe Hermann.gitignore: Add test-suite.log.
7 days ago Uwe HermannRename 'probe' to 'channel' everywhere.
7 days ago Uwe Hermannz80: Fix incorrect license field.
7 days ago Uwe HermannSwitch to a non-recursive automake setup.
7 days ago Uwe HermannREADME: Update build dependencies list.
11 days ago Uwe Clearly mark required and optional libs.
2014-03-20 Bert VermeulenBump minimum Python version to 3.2
2014-03-20 Bert Vermeulenpdtest: Add support for code coverage.
2014-03-20 Bert Vermeulenruntc: Add list of missed lines to coverage output.
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2 years ago libsigrokdecode-0.1.0 libsigrokdecode 0.1.0 release
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