Riden RD6006

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Riden RD6006
RD6006 frontpanel.png
Status in progress
Source code rdtech-dps
Channels 1
Connectivity serial over USB/WiFi/TTL (3.3V)
Features programmable presets, values, output, over-(voltage,current,power) thresholds.

Please note: This page is a work in progress, more to come.


  • MCU: STM32F103

J2 Connector Pinout:

VDD 1-   O -8
BOOT0 2- -7
GND 3- -6
PA14 (SWCLK) 4- -5 PA13 (SWDIO)

WiFi Header Pinout::

NC 1-   O -8 VCC
3.3V 2- -7 RXD (PA10 / UART1 RXD)
(??) EN 3- -6 TXD (PA9 / UART1 TXD)
GND 4- -5 NC


Modbus RTU (Wikipedia). Serial baudrate defaults to 115200/8n1 and Modbus slave address defaults to 1. Both can be changed in the main menu at any time. There is also an option using WiFi instead of USB/Serial, which uses a fixed Baudrate of 115200/8n1.

Also see the RDTech_DPS_series page. External sources exist which combine communication to DPS as well as UM as well as RD devices in a single project. Protocols may be similar enough to make a common driver desirable.


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