Voltcraft M-4650CR

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Voltcraft M-4650CR
Voltcraft m4650cr.png
Status supported
Source code serial-dmm
Counts 20000
IEC 61010-1
Connectivity RS232
Measurements voltage, current, hFE, logic, capacitance, frequency, resistance, continuity, diode
Features hold, relative, min/max, bargraph
Website conrad.de

The Voltcraft M-4650CR is a 20,000 counts, handheld digital multimeter with RS232 connectivity.

It is a rebadged Metex M-4650CR.



  • Main IC: Metex 89CR (markings: "Metex 89CR 1146 1G1")
  • 8-line to 3-line priority encoder: 2x 74HC148A (markings: "T 91 16H 74HC148A")
  • 2x CD4010BE
  • T 91 05H 74HC08A
  • M 14027B XXEW045
  • M 14512B XXGF111
  • TC 7129CKW 9129BCJ
  • 2x B6 LTV817
  • Fuse: 2A/250V fast (5x20mm) (for the A jack; the 20A jack is unfused!)

RS232 cable:




See Device_cables#Metex_5-pin_RS232_cable.


See Multimeter ICs#Alternative_Protocol.

Baud Databits Stoppbits Parity Hard.-hands. Soft.-hands. DTR RTS
1200 7 2 no no no enable disable